Federer Visits Ethiopia, Gets Laureus Nomination, and Appears on a Stamp





You have probably heard of this news before, but in case you haven’t I’m posting it here again. This is all recent news which I don’t always make a post about because it is just a snippet. I prefer to keep my posts at least a certain length. As you will see at the links on top, Roger has recently appeared on a stamp, been nominated for a Laureus award, and visited Ethiopia. The first link is for a nice article which explains what Roger have been up to in Ethiopia. Roger started a foundation in my home country, South Africa, which was inspired by his mom who is also from my country. He is now expanding it and the visit to Ethiopia was part of his foundation work. Roger was so moved by the visit that he broke down in tears again. Well nothing new there. Lol. But it shows that Roger cares and that he is a true humanitarian.

Also, Roger has been nominated for Laureus sportsman of the year once more. He has won the award four times already, but Usain Bolt won it last year. After the year Roger had last year, I think he has a very good chance of winning it yet again. Then Roger has also been put on a stamp by the Austrian postal service. Finally, if you haven’t voted for your favourite player on the ATP site yet, go to the following link and lets make sure Roger takes the title!


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  1. There’s no doubt that Roger excels both as a player and a human being alike. A idol in every possible way he is!
    The last year has been a very special one for him as well as his fans….actually i think the best of his career till date(Winning the Roland Garros, Surpassing Pete’s record was a big deal after all)….so there is a very fair change that he would most certainly bag this year’s (And his 5th Laureus) award too.

    Go Roger!!!!


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