Federer Turns 29

Dear Fans

It is a great feeling to be celebrating my birthday with my family here in Canada. I am excited to compete again these days after having spent several weeks preparing intensely for the second half of the 2010-season.

Thank you so much for all your kind messages and wonderful gifts that I have received these past days and continue to receive today. This really motivates me as I can see how much my passion for tennis also means to you. I would like to thank you all for your loyalty over all these years – let’s hope for many more to come!

All the best and see you soon,


The Canadian ice hockey player Sidney Crosby brought Roger a cake! (Source)

Happy birthday Rog! It was a nice message from him wasn’t it? It’s not always the best thing for a tennis player to age, but with age also comes wisdom, as was evidenced by the fact that Roger found it necessary to make some big changes of late. Lets hope that Roger’s 29th birthday marks the beginning of something new and good.

The Toronto draw is out as well which you can view HERE. Possible opponents for him if he makes the final is Falla, Almagro, Berdych, Djokovic, and Nadal. Roger faced both Falla and Berdych at Wimbledon and both gave him trouble. Now it will be interesting to see how much those injuries really bothered him at Wimbledon. Berdych is obviously the first big test for Roger, although it’s hard to know exactly what to expect from Roger just now. He has lost the last two meetings against Berdych in Miami and Wimby. If there was ever a time to get revenge it would be now. But for now it’s just one match at a time as neither player may make the fourth round. If Roger plays Falla we all know he can be a tricky opponent, and the same goes for Almagro. Like I said before, I’m just looking forward to see Roger back on court and what Federer 2.0 has to offer.

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  1. Happy birthday Roger and thank you for everything you have brought to my life.Love seeing him back on court.
    Did you watch Nalby? I think he´s going to make some big upset, hope he draws near certain spaniard…
    Cheers to Roger,to you and your blog and to all Fed fans!


    Ru-an Reply:

    Yeah i was happy for Nalbandian. He is one of my favorite players to watch when he is on form. He may yet be seeded for the USO. Thanks Ines ;-)


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