Federer to Hold Fundraising Event for Haiti Victims


The humanitarian that Roger is, he used his connections in the tennis world to organize a doubles fundraising event to raise money for the victims of the earthquake that took place in Haiti recently. Other players that will take part is Rafa, Djokovic, Roddick, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters and Sam Stosur. It will take place in Rod Laver Arena on Sunday. I think it’s a great initiative and credit to Roger for coming up with the idea. It’s also a sacrifice for all the players to give up their day of practice, but definitely well worth it. Below is an interview with Roger ahead of the Australian Open, where he talks about the fundraiser and some other things. He says his game is back to where he wants it after working hard in the off season in 2009, and that he wasn’t able to do that in 2008, but also that he has struggled a bit so far this year.

He then gets asked about Tiger Woods again and about his own image as well. Roger isn’t trying to impress anyone and I don’t see him making any scandals like Woods that’s for sure. It’s a funny ending where he says that he still enjoys being around tennis, even though there is better things to do than being in a press conference. Lol. Obviously Roger doesn’t care much for the media, and rightly so.

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  1. Great to know that Roger is always the first to raise funds for the less fortunate. I heard he also donated baby cot for babies with heart problems. God bless him!


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