Federer Says He Still Wants to Play Davis Cup

If you noticed that I haven’t been blogging in a while, it is because I started a new job and for now I am still getting used to the hours. It doesn’t seem like there has been much happening in the tennis world anyway, although it was nice to see Baghdatis win some matches for a change, because he has too much talent just to fade away like he has been of late. He won Stockholm last week, beating Rochus in the final, while Youzhny won Moscow when he beat Tipsarevic in the final. Also Sampras played Agassi in an exhibition match in Macau, and as expected Sampras beat Agassi 10-8 in the final set super tire break, after they split the first two sets. So actually there has been some things going on, but of course Roger has not been in action yet.

He did however appear on a Swiss-French tennis channel and among other things said that he will in fact still be playing Davis Cup. In a previous interview he said that he can’t play Davis Cup and on the tour as well, so it sounded like he was going to make a decision not to play Davis Cup. I guess this is good for Switzerland, and I would like him to win the Davis Cup for Switzerland. I just hope it doesn’t influence his individual career too much. Here is the excerpt from the interview that he was asked about Davis Cup:

How about the Davis Cup ? Where does it stand within your priorities ? : Well, it stands very high. I’ve been in the team for 8 years now. But you know, it was rather difficult because I had to chose between my solo career, the #1 spot, the GS, and the Davis Cup and it’s always a hard decision to make. And I think I’ve made the right decisions you know, and now people are happy for me. But I can assure you that it is one of my main goals for the coming years.

Have you decided yet for the 1st round against Rafa’s Spain next year ? : No, not yet. I’m gonna wait for the end of the year, see how I play in Bale, Paris, WTC, and then make a decision. But as I told you, this is one of my main goals for the coming years, and I really enjoy the team. Luthi is a really great captain, Stan is a great player plus a great buddy of mine and I really look forward to spending more time with them.


Thanks to ShotmaKer from MTF for the translation. You will also find the rest of the interview translated if you follow the link. Elsewhere on the page you will also find some videos and pictures of the previous three years when he won Basel.

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  1. Happy you are back, i´ve missed you,a new job O.K.
    Good interview, so much to learn of Roger.
    “I´m very happy. I think this is because of this that other people are happy for me.”He´s great.


  2. I’ll be the first to oppose Roger’s decisions to play Davis Cup. DC is such a little thing anyone barely remembers with best-of-five format. Ridiculous.

    To prove my point, I’ll give any tennis fan this quiz (no cheating, please):
    1. How many DCs did Sampras/Agassi/Lendl/Laver/Borg win? Just pick any one of the name, I’ll be impressed if you can answer that. Of course, without cheating.

    a)The US won the most number of DC. How many? Again, I’ll be impressed if you have the answer on top of your head.

    b)What country is Sampras/Agassi/Lendl/Laver/Borg from? Now I expect that anyone will be able to answer this very easily.

    I hope Roger saying that DC as a high priority is just a rhetoric & diplomatic answer. It’s very understandable. Quiz question no. 1 proves DC doesn’t really matter to any great’s career. No one remembers it. Question no. 2a & b proves that a country is remembered most for its champions winning GSs, not a country winning DCs.

    DC is such a grueling competition with very little prestige. Why not just have it w/ Hopman Cup format. It would make a lot more sense.

    My message to Roger: Please Roger, no more Davis Cup in your schedule. Just win more GSs and stay no. 1. Be the greatest there is and ever will be. Best wishes!


  3. Hi Ru-an, Just read an inspiring article (in German) in the Basler Zeitung by Rene Stauffer about an interview with Pierre Paganini on Roger, of course. This is truly an interesting interview. Would love to have you read this, maybe you would know of someone that could translate it for you. Anyway, the website is http://www.bazonline.ch So much that is in the article you have said in your many articles about Roger, the person. I could also e-mail it to you, if you wish.


  4. I was browsing through Espnstar and there was an article that Andre agassi confessed that he used drugs!


    jason Reply:

    Do you have the link to the article? It’s such a sad news for his fans, count me as one of them. Well, but the drugs were for his back during his career last moments, it’s perfectly understandable.


    Irock Reply:

    This is the link


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