Federer Roland Garros 2010 Outfit


I got these photos at RF.com, and it looks like the top one has been up for a couple of days already. Oops! So you have probably seen this before but I wanted to put it up here anyway. As always Roger looking very stylish. The shirt is a bit different from anything he had before. Suffice to say I like it. In the bottom picture he is greeting Ana Ivanovic. Wa wa wee wa! Sometimes when I see Roger with a smoking hot girl like that I wish he got someone better looking than Mirka(not that Mirka is bad looking). But that is a pretty shallow viewpoint given that he loves Mirka and that she looks after him so well. Not to mention they have kids by now! OK I’m shutting up now

May the Fedforce be with you.

Ps. I have no idea when the top picture was taken. I’m sure it was at Roland Garros, but why was he all dressed up???

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  1. They’re wearing mirror images of each other’s colors. Ana is a confessed Fed fan so no surprises on the short powwow.


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