Federer Press Conference and Full Match Highlights


You can find the full press conference from Roger after the Madrid final at the link above. I found it at Men’s Tennis Forum where someone translated it from French, just scroll down the page and you will see it. There just seems to be one mistake with the translation where they ask Roger about how this is going to influence his confidence going into Roland Garros. At the end he says “Obviously that has not changed”. I think that is meant to be “Obviously that has now changed”.  Which means that before this win Roger was doubting whether he could win the French Open, but now that has obviously changed into belief that he can. French can be a confusing language, trust me I know! Just one other thing I want to touch on is the issue of Rafa’s physical condition.

Apparently he didn’t sleep too well and he was tired from his semi-final match against Djokovic which is irrelevant in my opinion because the semi-final match against Verdasco at the Australian Open was a much tougher match and yet Rafa was fine for the final. Roger won because he was too good, that’s all there is to it as far as I’m concerned. And even if Rafa was tired the crowd was behind him and making it as hard for Roger as they possibly could. So like Roger says, there is no excuses. Also the question about Rafa winning the calender grand slam deserves a mention. To be honest with you I’ve been a little worried that Rafa could win all four grand slams this year and therefor overshadow Roger’s achievements. This makes this win from Roger even more important.

With Roger in this form it will be very hard for Rafa to win either Wimbledon or the US Open. He may even get beaten at the French Open now. Looking ahead at Wimbledon I’m very excited because if Roger plays this kind of attacking tennis there he has a very good chance indeed to reclaim his beloved crown. He also has a great chance to win a sixth consecutive US Open title. How awesome would it be if Roger could win both Wimbledon and the US Open and pass Sampras’ grand slam record this year already?! OK I’m getting ahead of myself but I feel like Roger has finally reached the turning point I’ve been talking of and I can’t wait for the rest of this year. It’s been a tough time for Roger and for all of us fans.

Finally he has broken through and we have something to look forward to, the future does indeed look bright again! :D

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  1. Ru-an I would like to tell you I too was very excited,so forgive me anyway.
    Actually the press and the commentators started coming up with excuses for Nadal even before the match and were telling us that Roger had all the advantages:altitude, faster court and short S.F. where as Nadal was presumed to be tired…Why would he need 4 hours to win a best of -three-match?
    Well I don´t agree, I have the highest admiration for Rogerfor how he played this match and won it.
    As you have said it was a very clear, distinct and obvious tactic that Roger executed peRFectly. So I very happy for him and I´m looking forward to see him in Paris.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Exactly, why would he need four hours to win a three set match?! Its because he takes ages between points and plays an unattractive grinding game, whereas Roger plays an attractive an energy efficient game. Nadal’s career won’t last as long as Roger’s because of this.

    Ps. Please dont say you are sorry for feeling excited. I wish more people would express their excitement so im glad you did. Good to see im not the only one!


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