Federer Opens the Bakery Against Duckworth 6-0, 6-1

If yesterday was very hard work then today was just the opposite. And it was exactly what was needed to recover physically for the semis and possible final. This is the kind of result you would have expected after the war in the first match. Coming back from a set and a break was just what Roger needed to shake off the rust and kick start his season. Now he is looking good for this title, but it is far from a done deal. Next he plays Dimitrov who took care of Klizan 6-3, 6-4. Obviously I like Roger’s chances to beat Dimitrov but we will see what happens. He leads Dimitrov 2-0 in the head-to-head now and is yet to drop a set. Dimitrov wants to keeping making a move but I just don’t see how he can beat Roger as long as Roger 5.0 is around. They have similar games but Roger just does everything better. He is the more talented player and now that he has improved his mental game he is very tough for anyone to beat.


As far as the Duckworth match goes the score and stats tell the story and there isn’t much more to say, other than the fact that it was a another masterclass, similar to the match against Murray in London. Duckworth is one of those players who doesn’t have any serious weapons. He is just basically solid all round and against Roger 5.0 that is a problem, because he will just take you apart. Everything was just working smoothly for Roger and he really is a great sight to behold in this form. His serve was on fire and he was ripping both his forehand and backhand for winners. The net play keeps impressing too as he was a peRFect 10/10 in that area. It was basically just a nice practice hit for the GOAT. He now goes into the Dimitrov semi with maximum confidence which will make things very hard for Dimitrov. In the other quarters Raonic beat Groth in the third set breaker while Nishikori bageled Tomic.

This girl obviously got what she wanted, even though it lasted just a few seconds

I thought Tomic could put up a better show but Nishikori was in devastating form himself and is a player to watch in 2015. I think he will beat Raonic so a Fedikori final does look likely. But Dimitrov and Raonic shouldn’t be underestimated. The big news in Doha was that Djokovic lost to Karlovic in three tight sets. It was surprising to see Karlovic break Djokovic in the third set to win it 6-4. After looking in very good shape after the first two rounds Djokovic showed some vulnerability here but I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from it for Melbourne, as I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from Nadal’s loss. All credit to Karlovic though who was already playing very well against Roger in Basel last year. Well that’s it from me. Let see if Roger can keep this form up and win #83 here while getting his 1000th win in the process. My gut feeling says it’s going to happen but remaining cautious as always.


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  1. Hey Ru-an, I think I am one of the few people who likes Ivo’s game. But I also have to be honest, not at Basel, there he was annoying the hell out of me with his hundred aces :-)
    But I love how he plays. He plays like Janowics (who I also love to watch). They are not only serve and serve, but they come to the net a lot too. I love that kind of play. Just like Roger. Roger serves great, comes to the net, takes risks, takes risks at bp and plays aggressive. That is why I absolutely love Roger and his play.
    But it seems like more players are playing like him now. It seems like they all watched Roger-tapes during the offseason. Karlovic played a lot like Roger yesterday and today (eventhough he lost today). I also noticed it during the exho matches the way Andy played. He took some “tips” from Roger.

    But… I just want to compliment both Roger and Ferrer. They both received 33 and 30 aces from Ivo. But they both fought till they had a chance. Novak in his last 2 games yesterday kind of gave up. And like Roger and Novak say, with players like Ivo, you just have to wait till you get a small small chance.

    And about Roger vs Duckie…. no comment…. just…GOAT :-)
    Please play like that against Dimi and especially against Nishi. Nishi is soooooo “dangerman”.


  2. This comment is for the girls here (so guys please please ignore this one). That pic above with Roger and the girl (the selfie). First thing I thought when I saw it was…. how dare she put her hand around Roger’s neck :-) :-)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Nothing wrong with a girl who takes what she wants ;-)


    Katyani Reply:

    Damn Ru-an, if you could only see how jealous(and angry) that girl made me…. :-) :-)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Lol. Is she choking him?


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