Federer Now Highest Paid International Athlete


Just a brief post to inform you that Federer is now the highest paid professional athlete outside of America, and the second highest paid athlete in the world. The only athlete who has made more than him is some golf player named Tiger Woods. Anyone know this guy? Lol. Mr. Woods is well ahead of the rest with an annual income of $90.5 mil, while Federer is 2nd on $61.7 mil. Roger climbed 8 places from last year to number one, and no doubt the fact that he won the career slam last year and broke Sampras’ record didn’t hurt his endorsement deals. The fact that Tiger is American makes a big difference of course. I’m sure if Roger was American he may well be ahead of Tiger now, but I’m sure if given the choice he will remain Swiss instead of going for the money. The fact that Tiger had to pay his wife $750 mill for the divorce makes me wonder whether Roger is not a wealthier man right now.

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But what is wealth worth anyway if you are miserable, which clearly Tiger has been for quite some time now? Roger is a better human being than Tiger, which counts for much more than money in the bank as far as I’m concerned. Very few top athletes actually have the balance between personal life and professional life right.

All hail GOAT Federer!

Roger Federer

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  1. I´m not going to give the choice to my little brother(he is 6 and plays nice tennis)of doing anything than
    playing tennis-tennis-tennis-


    Dragos Reply:

    Oh my God Ines, I am talking with children here. The good part is that he is your little brother so you are at least 6 years old… Imagine if it was your older brother in which situation I would have been :-) .


    ines Reply:

    Dragos he´s my little brother because I´m 22, a great difference, but for your comments I think you are young too, that´s why my comments are passionate, exactly as I´m.(not to mention about Roger)


  2. Wow! Did not know Roger made so much. Hope he can turn his game around. I miss Roger winning and now he’s been losing (except for Australia) the whole year.


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