Federer Makes Stunning Return with Masterclass Against Paire

Hi guys. This won’t be a long post as I was late for work today due to staying up to watch Roger. I watched the first two sets and then passed out before I could set my alarm clock. From what I saw and watching the highlights, this was an incredible performance. It is fair to say that this was JesusFed, and that in the first round! Clearly the break and the training did Roger the world of good. He needed no time whatsoever to get back into competitive tennis, as he broke Paire in the first game after forcing the error with another heavy forehand. He then broke again at 4-2 after setting up break point with a gorgeous backhand cross court winner. Serving out the set was no problem as Roger did so to 15. More of the same followed in the second set as Roger broke at 2-1. The break was enough to secure the second set 6-4.

It looked like Paire was getting closer to winning a set, but Roger quickly established dominance in the third set as he broke in the opening game again. He got the insurance break at 2-0 with a return that had Paire on the deck. At 5-1 Roger played a scorcher of a game to open the bakery and send Paire packing 6-2, 6-4, 6-1. Like I said, it was a masterclass. Roger put everything in his vast repertoire of shots on display here. His serve was finding the corners like clockwork. The forehand was at it’s devastating best as he ruled the base line with it. His backhand was hitting the target as well, which is usually a sign that he is really ‘feeling’ it out there. The rest was just as good. There were some superb returning, defensive play, drop shots, and volleying as well. It was the complete package in the true sense of the word, as only Roger Federer knows how to define.

This was exactly the start that was needed for Roger, and I am very much liking his chances for a record 5th Australian Open and 18th slam title. Everyone has Djokovic as the favorite. That works out perfectly. Everyone is focusing on him and to a lesser extent Murray, while Roger is being overlooked. So there is no pressure for Roger and he can fly under the radar to the semi-finals where he can first of all send Murray packing with another JesusFed performance, after which he can silence the critics yet again with a win over Djokovic. Yes it’s hypothetical, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it works out just like that. There is a long way to go and a lot can happen, but the first hurdle have been passed most impressively. If this was a taste of what’s to come the field will be ripped to shreds by Tennis God over the next ten days.

Stay tuned…


On-court interview:


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  1. Needless to say, great post Ru-an as usual. Apart from the precision of his serves, I was also impressed with the speed of his first serves, most of which hovered around the 200 km mark. Some of the backhand cross court were just delicious; we have not seen such angles for a while. Physically he looked better than over (Did anybody find him slightly muscular than before?). So far so good. Tomic also looked good in his first round. But I guess our hero will exploit his (lack of) movement in the court if they meet in the third round. Next is Koyla, which should be a tricky one. But I am sure our hero will pass the test.



  2. Thanks Ruan for the post match interview. I didn’t get to see it on ESPN. That was a great performance by Federer. He was serving really well and didn’t look rusty at all. Looking forward to a great match against Davydenko!


  3. Federer looked really good.. He seemed to be coming to the net a lot more. I think he is making a conscious effort to shorten rallies especially in the earlier rounds..

    What a stinker of a draw for Federer.. Davydenko is such a difficult opponent for the second round. I think this will be a close 4 set match.. Tomic match should be relatively simpler. Federer matches up well against him..


  4. Djoker is really looking scary at the moment.He even is taking note of that time penalty and playing much faster which is good for the game and is playing much more offensive this year and handled harrison the way fed handled Roddick all these years.He looks in fine form and if fed or murray or anyone for that matter have to take him out,they have to play lights out tennis and i think fed has the best chance now because murray cant handle a djokovic who is playing so offensively while fed himself being the best offensive player, knows how to handle the offense of another player and so it looks like we will either get a djokovic lifting his 3rd straight AO title or if everything goes to plan, we may see Roger lifting his 18 GS singles title(POSSIBLY BEATING NOVAK)fingers crossed.


  5. Tomic and Brands battling it out. Brands looks a good player with powerful serve and great SH backhand! Either one would NOT be easy for Roger. Djoko scared the **** out of me yesterday. I’m not watching if he’s playing Roger. Can’t take another straight sets loss like last year….. But I’m consoled why Djoko looked particularly lethal was because Harrison is a one track player just feeding Djoko rhythm. Boy! did Djoko enjoy the demolition last night! Djoko looks like another Federer crushing the field in his prime years. Only way Roger can beat him is with his variety and PERFECT execution – Maybe that’s what Fed meant when he said he needed practice – to work on his execution. Common! Roger!! EXECUTION!!! Got almost sandwiched/stampeded yesterday while trying to catch a glimpse of our hero practising! To say the least, it was cultish like!! His practice attracted the most people; and people of ALL ages – there were grandmas/pas, teenagers, hunky men, young children, all kinds; and the fans came in style; with their big banners and posters! Other players in other courts had NOTHING of this sort. What star power Roger commands. Waiting for Roger/Davydenko……. (not breathing too well!! Hahaha)


  6. Forgot to share this. I have always heard ppl talking how relaxed Roger is at practice. Well, after witnessing him practise yesterday, I gotta agree 100%. Gosh, where got the man practice??!! He is not even playing balls. He was just like warming up and half-heartedly hitting the balls!!! Makes me wonder how his “real” practices would really look like!! He just hit nonchalantly for like half an hour; then sat down like 15 to 20 mins chatting away!!! Then got up, walked to the fans and signed autographs like another 15 to 20 mins from one end of the line to the other end. One gets the impression that he is more thorough with signing autographs than practising!! Guess that’s why fans love him. He really takes the trouble – just patiently signing and signing away. Incredible – nothing is too small or below him to do for his fans. My utmost admiration. Also I do believe that Roger does practice behind close doors. These so called practices during tournaments are nothing to him. He has already done all the hard yards out of the public’s eye. Can’t say the same for the other players though. They REALLY practise!!!


    Muhammad Reply:

    How lucky you are to catch a glimpse of roger!I had my chance in doha once but blew it away.I also watched djoker last night.He was absolutely on fire.I,for a moment,sorely missed roger’s era of supreme dominance.Murray or fed will have to work their butts off to scathe seemingly unbeatable djoker.


  7. Roger won! STILL looking sharp! Service deadly and high percentage, forehand lethal, some beaut dtl bh. His night attire is to die for!! What a unique and beautiful shade of grey! And no one, i mean NO ONE makes pink look so good on a man like Roger does!! I’m not sure whether I’m watching the man himself more or his game!! lol! “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” – tomic and Federer on Saturday night!!!


    Vily Reply:

    Hey, Veronica. I am so jealous. I wish I was in Australia as well. From what I saw yesterday the match was OK for Roger. He never had to defend any break points and he could have won 6:2 6:3 6:2 but I am OK with this result.

    I think that for Roger to have a shot and this is really asking a lot… but to have a shot at this title, Roger has to play like he did in Cincinnati 2012. He played flawlessly there and was not broken the whole tournament. He needs to get into the semis without losing a set and without being broken.

    If he manages to do that he’ll have a shot. It’s possible but Roger should clean his game a bit more. But I liked the aggression from his play. Some of the exchanges reminded me of a possible match with Djokovic so that’s good.

    I think that despite all the hype around the Tomic match should be a bit easier. Roger is just stronger that Tomic. Unless they get into some tiebreaks, I don’t see nothing but another straight set victory.

    Go Roger!!! ;-)


    veronica Reply:

    Hi! Muhammad, V, yah, hehe!! Go on your jealousies!! I could even touch Roger if I want to!! – hehehehe!!! I couldn’t watch Roger last year. This time of year is normally unpredictable for me. Even for this year, I can only watch him this first week. But it’s good enough for me. I agree with you, V. Actually Roger is not playing well enough yet. But he is serving well and I am pleased with his attitude and that he didn’t show much rust. These are good/encouraging signs. Plus he is pacing himself well – getting it done in straights so far and not peaking too early. Not too happy with his bp conversion v Davydenko; but I’ll take it. There were few great rallies where Roger was hitting with power and depth – Good practice if he meets the 2 grinders. Tomic just might stretch him to 4. Roger shouldn’t allow it. Even for Tsonga (if he makes it), shouldn’t be allowed to stretch Roger to 4. As you say, if he gets them all done in straights before he meets the last 2, he has a shot. Roger’s gotta execute well or clean up as you say, V, in order to get a chance because the mean Egg is not missing anything!! Btw he looks to be in 2011 form, maybe even better; playing more aggressive, looking to shorten points and extremely confident. I think he learnt his greatest lesson playing Nadal in AO last year – he’s not going down that brutal ugly physical road again. Djoko is an intelligent player and fast learner. I believe he can achieve the calendar slam. I hope Roger and Murray can stop him.


    Vily Reply:

    Actually, the guy that is worrying me the most right now is Del Potro. Of all the guys, he has the dropped the least amount of games. Everyone looks great though. Novak, Murray, Roger and DelPo. It’s gonna one of these four guys this year. I am so glad the DelPo is not in Fed’s quarter.

    We’ll see but it looks like it’s going to be as it is predicted – Tomic, Raonic, Tsonga, Murray/Delpo and eventually Djokovic.

    It’s a tough ask but if Toger gets through to the semis fresher than Murray or DelPo he might do it. I like the fact that both Raonic and Tsonga will give Roger great preparation for a possible Delpo meetup while Davydenko and Tomic will help Roger’s rhythm if he happens to play Murray and eventually Djokovic.

    Go Roger! :-) ))


    Veronica Reply:

    I just watched bits of deploy so I’m not sure about him. But the fact that roger’s got him much of last year gives me confidence and that AO is not fast court helps roger a bit; but delpo is certainly working his way back to the top steadily. Btw roger is moving beautifully which is another good sign of things to come and as someone commented earlier, don’t remember who, roger seem to have put on some muscle, more powerful strokes and even amp up his serve. Although its a gigantic ask, I really would like AO to be the tournament where roger 4.0 is born – where he has all the answers to seemingly invincible players. Common roger!!


    Vily Reply:

    I suppose I am a bit worried about Delpo because ever since their epic Olympic semifinal he lost to him in Basel, WTF and also in the exhos in Argentina.

    He probably was tired though and that could explain it so we’ll see.

    All three other players pose a threat to Roger (Murray, Delpo and Djokovic) so I am glad that he only needs to face two out of the three and with Nadal out it’s not impossible. Roger needs to show me great execution of his game plan and aggressive mindset which he already possesses. Hopefully he can school Tomic and that will give even more confidence.

    We’ll see. :-)


    Jiten Reply:

    “as someone commented earlier, don’t remember who, roger seem to have put on some muscle, more powerful strokes and even amp up his serve”, Hi Angel-ica, how in the world can you forget your twin bro from India? That was of course me. I am so jealous of you for having seen Roger live. I went to Wimbledon in 2010 to watch Roger play in the quarterfinals; could not procure ticket for the Center court, ended up watching the match on big screen at the Murray mountain. I am still hopeful that one day I will watch him live before he retires. By the way, I also think that the Tomic match will be easier for our hero than the Koyla one.


  8. Correction, Vily, Roger and Delpo split their victories in Argentina! Roger actually won all his exhos in SA; including 2 wins over Tsonga! He only lost to Bellucci and 1 match to Delpo. Btw, Ru-an, hope you didn’t get reprimanded for turning up late at work!! Must say I’m feeling the strain too. Can’t sleep well with all the excitement and tension; always happens during slam times. I really need a break; especially from this blog (!) but I just can’t keep away!! Ha!Ha! Honestly, I am dead meat at the moment!


    Ru-an Reply:

    It wasn’t too bad Veronica. It’s not like I’m late for work every day. Haha. I have 3 days off now so I will be able to watch some tennis for a change!


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