Federer: “I said the 2012 Olympics would be a good time to retire just to shut them up”


Above you will find an interesting article about Roger from Times Online. In this article one thing about Roger clearly shines through, and that is his positive attitude towards life. I think this is something that we can all learn from. Roger is a very unique individual because he doesn’t allow himself to be brainwashed by society. As human beings this is probably the biggest downfall of us all. We think because something is true for everyone, it must be true for ourselves as well, and by believing that we give up an immense amount of power.

“Well, I’m a positive person, a very positive thinker,” he replies. “That’s why I like the more positive approach of ‘I love winning’, because to hate losing, to me, is a bit negative. I guess my love for the sport started as a little boy watching Becker and Edberg facing off in the Wimbledon final. I dreamed about it but I never thought it would happen to me. It’s so difficult to keep winning and to keep your love for the game because of all the travelling and the sacrifices, but I just said, ‘I’m not going to let that happen to me. I’m going to take a positive approach that travelling is great and that I’m going to see different cultures and places I would never see if I wasn’t a tennis player’. My wife loves it. I love it, so ‘let’s have a good time because it’s not going to last until I am 70’. And so far that approach has worked for me.”

This is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Now most people would think because everyone says tennis means sacrifice, that must be true. But Roger is different. He used his free will and decided this was not going to be the case for him. He didn’t allow himself to be brainwashed by the messages from society. Now this can be a hard thing to do if you are not in the habit. Most of us just kind of give our power away by allowing others to think for us, and in doing so we fail to realize that we decide how things are going to be, not society or anyone else. Roger could just as easily have bought into the lie that tennis is a hard life with many sacrifices, but instead he decided that things will be different for him, and he just loves tennis and being around the game.

Another example of this was when he lost to Rafa in the Australian Open final. Everyone, including myself, thought it was this terrible thing, and we thought the fact that he was crying after the match meant that he was broken or something. But Roger’s attitude is that he still played a great tournament and that Rafa was simply to good on the day. In that match I felt Roger failed to take advantage of his opportunities, yet it is refreshing to see how well he coped with that loss. It’s all about that positive attitude, and soon he found himself winning the career grand slam and the most grand slam titles in history. He did not lose hope, he just kept believing in himself. In terms of human potential I don’t think there are any limits.

I think the limits we experience are the ones we impose upon ourselves. This can be a hard concept to grasp and very few individuals live this truth. With everything going on around us it’s often hard to believe that we are in control of our lives and that we have total freedom of choice. This is why I think Roger is such a great role model. There is a certain magic about him. There doesn’t seem to be many limitations to the man. More proof of this is that he actually wants to keep playing after 2012. Most people thinks he won’t continue after that and that a tennis players’ best days are over after they reach 30. But again that is just a negative message from society that Roger is not going to buy into. Like I said before, never say never to Roger Federer…

Ps. Rafa is 945 poinst behind Roger, not 700 :D Thanks to Paul aka The Ranking Guru for the correction.

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  1. Nice comments Ru-an,I´ve missed your posts.
    I´ve already read this interview and I liked it so much that I´ve sent it to me. But your comment is as wise as Roger´s interview. “Seduction of spirit”,you have something special for support and spirit…
    About Roger´s points he´s going to lose 200 next week of last year MC., so you weren´t mistaken.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Cool, thanks for letting me know :-)


  2. Beeecause I’m nice I shall copy a post from a tennis forum i made, which shows simply how Fed can get YE number one.

    “Ok heres the deal, Federer is 945 points clear of Nadal, and due to Davis cup reasons needs to stay 50 points clear of him by the end of London.

    200 points for each group win is awarded,

    400 for a semi win,

    additional 500 for a final win.

    I’ll make it easy.

    Fed loses everything: Nadal must win all 3 group games and reach the final OR win at least 1 group game and win the whole tournament.

    Fed wins 1 group game: Nadal must win the whole tournament.

    Fed wins 2 group games: Nadal must win the whole tournament winning at least 2 group games.

    Fed wins 3 group games, or 1 group game + semi: Nadal must win every group game and tournament.

    Fed wins 2 group games and semi or better: Fed is YE number one.

    In some scenarios above Nadal will still be second but will be within 50 points of Federer so is likely to grab year end number one at the Davis Cup final should this arise.”


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Paul.


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