Federer Gets Dream Draw at Wimbledon, Nadal Gets Nightmare


Federer’s possible opponents – Falla, Bozoljac/Massu, Robredo, Melzer, Davydenko/Berdych, Roddick/Hewitt, Nadal/Murray.

Nadal’s possible opponents – Nishikori, Blake, Gulbis, Isner/Youzhny, Soderling, Murray/Verdasco, Federer.

As you can see, Nadal has clearly a harder draw than Federer. I don’t see anyone who can trouble Federer before the semi-finals. Melzer had a good run at the French Open but this is a whole new ball game. Berdych has made the quarter finals once at Wimbledon and has been playing well of late, so maybe he can put up some resistance. Still you would think the six time Wimbledon champion should get by him. Davydenko has never been known for his grass courts exploits. In the semi-finals he should face either Roddick or Hewitt. It should be interesting to see who comes through there. Roddick did not impress much at Queens, while Hewitt beat Federer in the Queens final. Roddick on the other hand had had the more consistent record at Wimbledon over the years. Whoever wins will really test Federer’s form or lack thereof.

If he should meet Hewitt he will have the chance to avenge the loss at Halle, but it won’t be easy. That win would have given Hewitt the belief that he can repeat it at Wimby. Roddick is perhaps the better opponent for Roger because of his head-to-head against the American, but Roddick would also have hopes of finally getting a win over Roger after last year’s close final. If Roger makes the final, I feel like he will likely meet Nadal or Murray. Nadal lost in the quarter finals at Queens, but so did he when he made the Wimbledon final in 2006 and 2007. Having said that, Nadal has a pretty damn tough draw, and this might well save Roger from having to meet the Spaniard in another Wimby final. Personally I want Nadal to make the final. I said I am indifferent towards Roger’s result at Wimbledon, but the one thing that would really redeem Roger’s latest form in my eyes is if he beats Nadal in the final.


That would mean he leads Nadal 6-4 in head-to-heads outside of clay and 3-2 in grand slams outside of clay. That would also be the most exciting final as far as I’m concerned. Nadal has a tough draw, but on the positive side for him is that if he manages to get through to the final, he would gain a lot of confidence from it. As we saw at the French Open, an easy draw is not necessarily the best thing for Roger. Either way, he should at least have a tough semi-final. If Nadal does not make the final it could be Murray. Nadal did after lose to Murray at the Australian Open, so his draw isn’t getting any easier as the draw progresses. But Murray’s form has been poor of late. I’m not so sure he can make the final, even if Nadal is upset before the semi-finals. In that case someone like Soderling, Gulbis, or Verdasco could possibly make the final.

If Murray does happen to make the final, it will be the Australian Open all over again and Roger would have a good chance of defending his title. I feel like this Wimbledon is pretty open. Still Roger must be the favorite. I obviously want Roger and Rafa to make the final, but it’s not impossible that they both could lose before the final. I have criticized the GOAT quite heavily of late and it has not gone down well with all my readers, so I will meet you half way. If Roger wins Wimbledon, I will lay off the criticism. If he loses to anyone in this draw however, I think it’s fair to start asking some questions again. And by the way this is all positive criticism. Lets be honest, Roger should not really lose to anyone in this draw. Roddick and Hewitt has both been his bunnies and they are a similar age as Roger.

Nadal has not won a title off clay in 13 months and has a very tough draw. Murray has never been to a Wimbledon final and has been pretty useless himself of late. If anyone else should make the final Roger will have a wealth of experience on his side. This is a great chance for Roger to make amends for the poor form since the Australian Open and change his year around. He did not break Sampras’ number one record, but if he wins Wimbledon at least he will have equaled Sampras’ 7 Wimby titles. Go do it Rog!

Ps: Nice Rolex commercial with Roger:

May the Fedforce be with you.

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  1. I think you continue to question Roger regardless of results here. A win will make he thinks that he is God-like so we needs us fans to bring him back down to earth. If its take email/twitter/FB spam, you can have me as your assistant.


  2. Hi Ru-an, Love that Rolex Commercial video….let us hope Roger will lift Wimbledon Trophy #7, GS #17. Hope is all we have! Your recent blogs have been thought-provoking, along with all the comments that have been made. It makes your sight more interesting, indeed, Ru-an. Keep up the good work. Happy thoughts are with Roger and family and with you, Ru-an.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Dolores. Im glad you could appreciate it. Best wishes.


  3. Ru-an, it seems you completely ignored Djokovic in Federer’s half.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Oh yeah i did. I dont think he was much of a chance making the semi’s.


  4. Hy Ru-an! Fala has 1-0 and until now you are right and I am wrong. What is happening?! Roger looks scared not Fala (you posted on twitter that at 4:3 for Roger in the first set Fala doesn’t look scared).
    I am living another night mare…


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hi Dragos. 7-5 now. Yeah cant say that im all that surprised.


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