Federer Geared Up for Paris

“I have attended this tournament many times and it’s true I have never made it to the finals,” said Federer, who reached the semi-finals last year. “For me not to make the finals here with all the success [I’ve had] is almost a bit disappointing, to be quite honest. Until maybe two, three years ago I didn’t feel quite comfortable on the centre court.”

“I’m obviously excited for hopefully a tough week ahead here, because obviously I want to do well here,” he said. “I’ve got to play five matches in a row, which is a lot in five days, but I have done it many times before.”


I have mentioned before that I want to see Roger do well in Paris so it is nice to see that he looks psyched up. So it seems the reason he hasn’t done that well in Paris so far is that he didn’t always feel comfortable on center court. Also he did not play between 2004-2006. Roger will play Mannarino tomorrow in his first match who beat Tursunov 6-2, 6-2. The two have only met once this year at Wimbledon where Roger won comfortably. This will be Roger’s first match in Paris though and Mannarino looks in good form. The French always do well in their own country. Given the form Roger is in I doubt Mannarino can give him any problems however. It should be a nice match to get him acclimatized for a potential tricky third round against the winner of Gasquet and Anderson. Below Roger also explains why he hasn’t done so well in Paris and some other stuff.

Roger Federer

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  1. Hey Ru-an.
    Yeah,its funny that Roger never got past the final four in Paris,Bercy.But i think it got a lot to do with him concentrating more on WTF during his peak and as he said he didnt fell good on centre court.Anyways,He hsa defeated Mannarino to face Richard Gasquet for a place in the QFs.Roger beat Mannarino 6-2,6-3


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