Federer Enters Long Term Partnership with Credit Suisse


“I am excited about this opportunity to act as a global ambassador for Credit Suisse. They have been an important and trusted banking partner with me for a long time and I admire their passion for excellence. I also value Credit Suisse’s substantial support for my foundation. I look forward to our ongoing partnership and helping make a contribution to the bank’s continued success.”

I havn’t been keeping up to speed with Roger’s off court endeavours of late, so here is a little news for you. Roger has entered a long term partnership with the banking group Credit Suisse, which entails Credit Suisse making a significant contribution to the Roger Federer Foundation, a foundation for disadvantage kids, including disadvantaged kids in my home country South Africa. Maybe Roger can send me a few bucks so I can get out of this country as well? On a serious note though, in South Africa if someone breaks into your house, you are not allowed to defend yourself if they pull a gun on you. So I am serious when I say I want to get out of here. Anyway I’m happy to see that even though Roger is not exactly shining on court at the moment, he is still doing so off court.

Video Interview: http://emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/article/dsp_playerpopup.cfm?pid=271849&void=272074&mtype=video&mcid=258927&lang=EN

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