Federer Charity Event Help Raise $500 000 for Haiti


The event that Roger initiated for the Haiti earthquake disaster turned out to be a huge success. Not only was it a very entertaining event, but they managed to raise 500 000 Australian Dollars(461,388 US Dollars). Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the event, but it seems like it was really fun and the entertaining sides of the players were brought out. There were many videos available on Youtube with footage of the action, but unfortunately Tennis Australia claimed copyright. There is this one video from Youtube however, and below that there are some pictures as well. It was really refreshing to see the players in this mode. For once they showed a very different side of themselves which didn’t involve any competition. Well done Rog!

Ripping off the Bryans.

Pick up that racquet Nole…

Someone please wake up Lleyton!

Rafa likes to high five Andy…apparently.

“What do you say Rog old buddy, fancy another AO final? Djokovic is getting way to cocky of late…”

Nole, it’s OK if Kim laughs at Andy, you know. You can’t ALWAYS be the center of attention :roll:

I actually saw this point before the youtube videos were removed. Roger and Rafa started a cross court rally and was grunting funny, especially Roger. Finally Nole got so tired of it he sat down, after which Roger went down the line. This is the volley that Djokovic hits from Roger’s shot, and if I remember correctly Rafa and Djokovic ended up winning the point. Funny moment.

Rog showing off his football skills.

And here are some pics of Roger training today in Melbourne:


Ladies, you like? Thought so!

What’s with the funny faces today Fedster?

A thing of beauty.

Serious business these slams…

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