Federer Beats Wawrinka and Claims #1 Ranking for 300th Week!

Yet another amazing milestone in the GOAT’s career. By defeating his friend Stan 4-6, 7-6(4), 6-0, Roger made sure he will be #1 for 300 weeks regardless of Djokovic’s result in Shanghai. I asked for an encore in my last post. I guess Roger doesn’t take long to respond. Roger’s place at the top of the rankings is currently in danger, so it’s great that he could get to this milestone in time. If he is overtaken by Djokovic now before the end of the year it would hurt less. This is yet another record set by Roger that will be very hard to equal. It may never happen. Just another reason why Roger really is the GOAT.

But let me get back to Roger’s first round against Lu for a second, since I didn’t make a post about it. I watched the highlights and it looked like a terrific match. The crowd was really into it and Lu played really well. So the 6-3, 7-5 win from Roger was pretty impressive. The most exciting thing however was that the courts looks fast and low bouncing, kind of like Cincinnati. This is great news for Roger’s title chances in Shanghai. The match against Wawrinka was tough though. I just watched the highlights and Wawrinka has been playing well of late. He certainly didn’t just roll over for his friend.

The last time he beat Roger was at Monte Carlo which cost Roger the #1 ranking. That turned out to be a very costly loss. I didn’t think Roger would let that happen again, but it was close. Roger toughed it out in the tie break of the second set however, and ran away with the final set. When it really mattered Roger came up with the goods once more. This match sets him up nicely for the rest of the tournament. It will give him confidence. He now plays against Cilic and I predict a straight set win. Then he will probably play against Murray who destroyed Dolgopolov 6-2, 6-2 today. Murray is obviously riding a wave of confidence, but I like Roger’s chances in these conditions.

Dedicated to the true Spartan of the tennis world..

It would be a good chance for revenge after the Olympics final. Roger needs to remind Murray what happened in the Wimbledon final. He also needs to remind him who is #1 in the world. But first he needs to take care of Cilic, while Murray has to take care of Stepanek who had a pretty impressive win over Isner. In the bottom half of the draw Tsonga and Berdych will face off, while Djokovic must deal with 34-year old come back kid Haas. Tsonga and Berdych should be interesting. Hard to call a winner there, while Djokovic will be the favorite against Haas. Having said that Haas destroyed Djokovic’s countryman Tipsarevic 6-2, 6-1.

That is a result even Djokovic would be proud of. Haas’ revival has been a breath of fresh air. After beating Tipsarevic he is back in the top 20. He has struggled a lot with injuries and it is really impressive how he has come back. The best case scenario is that Haas defeats Djokovic and Roger goes on to win the event. That would help Roger’s chances to end the year ranked #1. One of my readers let me know that Roger’s main goal is to stay injury free however, and not to end the year #1. That is what you would expect of Roger, and that pretty much confirms that he won’t play Paris.

But I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of ending the year ranked #1 just yet. I am just excited that the courts in Shanghai seems fast, which will give Roger a great chance to win his 7th title of 2012 and his 77th title overall. This is a great chance to beat both Murray and Djokovic again!

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  1. Just off the topic. Here is a link to the gold medal winning effort in the “2012 International letter-writing competition for young people” where this kid from Greece won his way through this touching letter to our HERO.



    Chris Reply:

    Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed reading this letter. You can sense a healthy pride of this young Greek boy about his origins and Nation, for its merits and history, but without any need of expressing superiority or insulting other nations. And his fantasy about Federer participating in the original Olympics is an impressive illustration of how inspiring Roger Federer is. What a difference to the recent stories about Lance Armstrong, who was the best of the best in his discipline and has fallen so deeply. 7 times winner of the Tour de France. I can’t help but think of the 7 times winner of the Roland Garros to be exposed someday in a similar way.


  2. Congrats to Roger for his #1 Ranking for 300th Week. That’s almost 6 years at #1. Wow!!!

    I think the Year end # 1 is a tough task for Roger. Because last year, Roger won Basel, Paris and WTF(undefeated) where as Djokovic made Basel semi, didn’t played Paris and won only one match at WTF.


  3. Great post Ruan.I have been reading but commenting less due to my sem exams but its great to see u are slowly gaining pace with your blogging life too and it was good to see Roger 3.0 come to the fore again showing that he has come to stay and not sleep.Its going to bea gr8 next 3 days and am looking forward to Roger meeting Muz and Djoker.Happy Blogging


  4. Our guy looked great today against Cilic. I like his chances against Murray tomorrow. I agree with Ru-an that the courts are looking quicker than usual in Shanghai and that this plays to Fed’s advantage. I’m sure Roger is also thinking about payback for the Olympics. He’ll have to be sharp tomorrow.
    Go Roger!


  5. Hi Ruan! I am a long-time follower of your excellent blog, and I must say I share your passion for the Master!

    I started writing recently myself, and posted my first article ‘Top 5 Roger Federer Records that will never be broken’ on a popular website.


    Could you please read it and tell me if I missed any important record?

    I don’t want to err when it comes to the champion!



  6. Another tricky match vs. Cilic. He didn’t seem to be timing the ball very well and rushed a lot, but at least he got the job done without going to three sets even though he got shaky when he served for the match. Hopefully by now his game is fully grooved and he’s gotten used to how the surface plays.

    He won’t have any day off to rest. If he’s even a little off against Murray, he’s going to be in trouble as the Scot has a 13-0 record on this court. Murray always has something to prove when he plays Federer, so I don’t care how tired or sick he supposedly is, he will magically find it in him to put up a huge fight.

    This court plays so fast that whoever gets in the first break will probably be able to consolidate and roll through in straight sets, there won’t be time to come back.

    Federer’s timing and footwork will have to be perfect to get through Murray’s defense and he will have to execute with total confidence when he attacks and comes to net.

    C’mon Roger!


  7. we are all forgetting the fact that the drop date for Bercy and WTF points is on No 12 – a day after the end of the season (coz the tournaments are a week earlier than last year). that might help fed’s ask to finish no 1.


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