Federer and Zhang Starts Doubles Partnership with a Bang

Today I watched some of the doubles action between Roger and his Chinese number one partner Ze Zhang against my countryman Kevin Anderson and Dimitri Tursunov. I don’t usually make posts about doubles because it doesn’t interest me any more than exhos do, but since Roger will only be in action on Wednesday I thought I’d entertain you so long. I was quite impressed with Zhang who was pretty much in the zone today. He just couldn’t put a foot wrong, and afterwards Roger looked impressed with him as well. It’s as if everything Roger touches turns to gold. Playing doubles with Zhang was a kind of unusual decision but it seems to have paid off pretty well. Playing doubles with a local player who is ranked #271 in the world will endear Roger to the locals even more than he already is, especially after beating two top 40 players in the process 6-2, 6-1.

 Looks like Roger borrowed Zhang his outfit so their clothing matched

Is this a new long term partnership?! I very much doubt it but it was a very efficient performance nonetheless. Quite entertaining to watch as well. Roger definitely lacks matches which is probably why he is playing doubles here. It’s just doubles but every bit of court time helps and a win like this is something positive. It has to be said Anderson and Tursunov was terrible, especially Tursunov. But the FeZerer(as Roger calls it) partnership will take confidence from it and now faces 5th seeds Melo and Dodig for a place in the quarter finals. Every match Roger plays and wins will give him a little extra confidence so hopefully FeZerer can keep playing well and win. It’s all about getting the court time. Tomorrow Hewitt plays Seppi do decide Roger’s 2nd round opponent. The doubles match today would have already helped Roger to prepare for that match.


Roger is not playing doubles tomorrow so it looks like he may have to play singles and doubles on Wednesday. I have already said I’d like to see Roger make quarters in Shanghai. I think he is expected to win his first match, but if he faces Gasquet in the 3rd round it will be a real test. So if he gets past that hurdle I think he would have done pretty well. I definitely don’t expect him to beat Djokovic, but it would be nice to see them face off for the first time this year to gauge Roger’s form against the best. I think if Roger makes quarters he can actually give Djokovic a really tough match. But I have to be careful what I say because Roger was pretty terrible against Robredo. At least on the important points. So I’d rather take it match for match. Today was a good start with Zhang and Roger was looking good out there. He just has to build on that.

Full match:

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  1. Thanks for posting the full match Ru-An (hope that’s right). I didn’t get a chance to see it and was hoping someone would do this. Glad to hear you say Roger looked good out there. He certainly sounded positive in his post-match comments (again, have yet to see the interview). As you say it will give him a boost going into the singles rounds – whoever he faces. So well done Roger and Zhang and here’s to the next round :-)


  2. Hi ruan,
    I think doubles will be good for Fed. He looked like a kid today —happy to be playing and really encouraging his young partner. He also looks thinner (fitter?) and even though he’s using the same pro staff, the racket head looks bigger to me? Could it be a 95 pro staff? I also think his first match will tell us a lot. Both Seppi and Hewitt lack huge power but they get a lot of balls back, and so we should hopefully see a lot of rallies which will help Fed. Also, Fed’s serving seemed in top form in the doubles which is always good to see.
    If the roof is closed and this becomes an indoor contest, I would pit Fed’s chances against just about anyone!!


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