Doha QF: Federer Tramples Troicki 6-2, 6-2

Too easy for Roger today. Despite another atrocious break point conversion rate from Roger, Troicki proved to be no match for him. Clearly Roger was not at his confident best, but aside from the wasted break points he played at a pretty good level. I love the fact that he is looking to come forward much more these days, which is something Annacone has brought to his game. There is a lot of chipping and charging on second serves which puts the pressure on his opponents. He is probably more attacking off the return as well. I thought in the past he was too defensive in that area, just being content to chip the return back to get into the rally. Despite the poor break point conversion rate I think we can draw a few more conclusions from this match:

  1. Roger is not in exho mode and never was in Doha. He is taking this warm up event seriously.
  2. He is carrying his form over from the end of last year into the new year. Despite an atrocious break point conversion rate he still beat a top player 6-2, 6-2.
  3. He still haven’t shifted into top gear and will probably improve with every match in Doha to the point where he will improve his break point conversion rate.’

I don’t think Roger expected to win this one so easily to be honest. Troicki just showed once again why he is among the worst in the mental department. Despite Roger wasting many break point opportunities by making silly mistakes, he still couldn’t manage to win more than 4 games in the match. That is just not good enough. But we will no doubt take it. The faster Roger wins the fresher he will remain. Nadal on the other still seems to be suffering from a fever, yet he is still playing both singles and doubles. I don’t know how smart that is. We all know how fit Nadal is, but if he keeps pushing himself like this it may just play into Roger’s hands should they meet in the final. After today I am feeling good about Roger’s chances to win this event anyway. He next faces Tsonga who I don’t see being a problem.

Tsonga is the kind of player Roger likes playing against even though he lost once to him(2-1 h2h). Tsonga can be dangerous but Roger has played too well of late to lose here I think. In the other semi it will be Nadal vs Davydenko. That is the match up I had hoped for. Davydenko has a positive h2h against Nadal. I don’t know if Davydenko is quite back to his best yet but he is close anyway. It should be interesting. So we are looking at another possible Fedal final, and at least this time it will be more serious. I like Roger’s chances to go all the way here.

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  1. I guess Roger is pacing himself so that he can peak at AO. Apart of from countless sill mistakes, at least he coming to net often and able to hold long rallies against Troicki. Expecting him to steamroll Tsonga unless Ferd the Turd turns up on court


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thats not gonna happen Dippy. Roger is not the player he was back in 2009 when he lost to Tsonga. He is winning this one.


  2. Federer’s BP conversion vs. Djokovic at WTF last year was pretty atrocious (and he still won 6-1, 6-4). I remember thinking he’d have to clean it up against Nadal, which he did in dramatic fashion, taking 3 of 3 break points.

    He plays as well as he needs to play to overcome the opponent. Presumably he’ll raise his level against Tsonga. He’ll have to attack the Frenchman’s serve vigorously in order to avoid a repeat of what happened in Toronto a couple years ago.

    I don’t think Nadal’s as ill as he’s being made out to be. It may simply be yet another subterfuge to explain away the unaccountable quantum leaps in power and speed he undergoes between the end of smaller tournaments and the beginning of a Grand Slam. He’ll turn up at AO totally fit, hammering his forehand and running down everything, with no sign at all that he was ever sick.

    It’d be nice if Federer wins the title, but like I said, whatever the result, I’m not terribly worried.

    BTW, this is his eighth straight tournament semifinal since last year’s Wimbledon. Talk about consistency!


    Ru-an Reply:

    Yes, amazing consistency.


  3. Love your Blog Ruan. Great analysis. So ridiculous last year when all the sports writers wrote him off and suggested he retire in some cases. Do they see what I see. He got a little bit lazy, had some kids, and was on top. Perhaps just that little dip caused him to lose to Berdych and Soderling at the majors. He sees what needs to be done, and obviously is willing to do the hard work to get back to number one. My hope is that he is able to figure out Nadal, and get the record closer or match the h2h. Obviously its out of wack because of clay, and Fed usually always does his part to meet him, where Nadal could not. Hated Nadal at the beginning of the career, cause of the taunting type of behavior, but find him quite a nice kid, actually. Couldn’t ask for a better type of rivalry though. Grace and Finess of Fed vs. brute force and athleticism of Nadal. What a great time to be a tennis fan. Thanks for all you do Ruan. I’ll keep on reading. Gary


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks Gary, I appreciate the comment.


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