Djokovic Wins Title in Eastbourne + Wimbledon Draw

As we enter the second half of the season Djokovic just won his second title of the year. The last title he won was at the beginning of the first half of the season. After that, the struggled continued. Will things turn out differently this time around?

It has been just about exactly one year since Djokovic’s slump started. That is quite a long time for a player of his quality. So it wouldn’t surprise me if this time around he is back for real. That said, it is just an ATP 250 event and he failed after his runs in Doha and Rome.

I don’t want to get carried away and as a fan, I am just taking it once match at a time. The title is Eastbourne is already quite special for Djokovic because it is only his 4th grass court title. Today he beat Monfils 6-3, 6-4 in a very decent performance.

I couldn’t watch but it certainly seems to be his best match of the week. Playing Eastbourne turned out to be a good decision because it has given him the ideal preparation for Wimbledon. If you want to read more about the final you can check out my Facebook page by clicking in the right sidebar.

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Speaking of Wimbledon, the draw was made yesterday and it looks like a well-balanced draw. Djokovic has Del Potro in the third round again which seems strange and he also has Lopez in the fourth round. He could also play Thiem again in the quarterfinals but Thiem is not that great on grass so he could well play Gasquet or maybe even Berdych.

Then Djokovic and Federer are in the same half which makes for an interesting potential semi-final in the bottom half but like I said with Djokovic I am not looking past the first round while with Federer I am already assuming he will be in the semis.

Federer still has to be the favorite at this point but his road to the semis is not exactly a cakewalk either with the likes of Dimitrov and Raonic/A. Zverev in his quarter.

In the top half, Murray has Wawrinka in his quarter which is a tough one and he also has the likes of Fognini, Kyrgios, and Pouille as potential opponents. Not easy at all for someone with a very mediocre record at number one.

As for Nadal, he also has a tricky draw with Istomin/Young in round two, Kachanov in round three, Muller/Karlovic in round four, and Cilic in the quarters. So really none of the big four has it easy and there is a lot of tennis to be played before the semis.

I’d be surprised if they all four make it through to the semis but that sure would be interesting!

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  1. Seems to be a pretty open tournament. I personally don’t see any heavy favorites here. Fed is playing well at the moment and he probably has a better chance than last year, but nothing can be taken for granted at this point in his career. I think his biggest opponent is all the hype that seems to have generated from having an incredible start to the season. I hope it doesn’t suffocate him and prevent him from playing freely, that’s all I can ask.

    Before the French Open, I had a feeling that Djokovic would probably win either FO or Wimbledon, but not both. After the way he lost against Thiem at FO, it looked doubtful that he would turn things around anytime soon, but winning in Eastbourne changes things. The slump is bound to turn around sooner or later, and the conditions at Wimbledon seem to suit him very well, so it would be a good place to get back into winning habits. I saw parts of the Eastbourne final, and he looked pretty solid overall. He still made some errors you usually don’t expect to see from him, but he seems to be making progress. From what I saw, I can easily imagine Djokovic having a good run at Wimby and he can still take the whole thing without finding his peak form.

    Can’t rule out Nadal either. I think it’s more likely either Djokovic or Federer wins, but Nadal is making finals in the big events again, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he bites another trophy in London. All the big four seem to be in a weakened state at the moment, except Federer who is playing well but really pushing it at 35, so it could be an opportunity for other players. Well, no point speculating too much, I guess. We’ll probably get a clearer picture after the first couple of days. :-)


    Mridul1 Reply:

    Fully agree


    Ru-an Reply:

    Good thoughts, BE. I also thought that Djokovic won’t just watch as Federer and Nadal keep winning slams. But it is also not just an on and off switch. That said, it has been a year now since his slump started so it may be coming to an end now. I am just cautious because I had expectations for the FO and it didn’t go well.

    The Eastbourne title was promising but I am just taking it one match at a time as I am sure Djokovic is. Djokovic is also still in the process of making changes because he has added Ancic to his team for Wimbledon. Something that will help him as opposed to the FO is that Agassi has committed to staying at Wimbledon for as long as Djokovic needs him.

    They have also been together for longer now and have been talking on a daily basis. Things are already more organized and certain. So I think he is in a better situation before Wimbledon than he was before the FO for sure. Here is an interesting article about Djokovic, Agassi, and Ancic:


    Eren Reply:

    “What makes Agassi different to the other super-coaches is that he is not being paid”

    That’s actually a surprise. I thought he would be making a lot of money out of this deal. Have to be fair though, Agassi is a multi-millionaire so he does not need it as much as the average Joe, but still cool to see.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Right. It is very surprising and shows what kind of guy he is. He is doing it solely to help Djokovic. There is no other motive.


  2. I hope it will be not Federer for the 8th Time.
    I can also not believe in Djokovic.


    Eren Reply:

    I don’t think Fed will win his unprecedented eighth title, though I would love to see that happen.

    Djokovic can really win this one (he can’t play bad all the time). He is unpredictable.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Interesting. We will see how Djokovic progresses in the first week.


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