Djokovic Shuts Down British Media After Brutal Attack on His Character

Above you can see an excerpt from Djokovic’s presser after his match against Thiem. I love it! I think it was about time Djokovic put these arrogant and smug British journos in their place.

The western media has always treated him like garbage because he is not from a western country or because he doesn’t fit their stereotype of how a top player should act.

First of all, their own player Murray acts much worse on the court. Second, if every top player acted like Federer or Nadal on court tennis would be in a very sorry state indeed.


Djokovic is his own unique person, which is why he surpassed Federer and Nadal. He has a strong personality and doesn’t want to fit any stereotype. If he did I wouldn’t be his fan, to begin with.

Precisely for the reason that he is unique and different, I am a fan. I love that he has emotional outbursts and shows emotion. It is a very fresh changeup from Federer’s ‘perfect’ on-court behavior.

What the stupid media doesn’t realize is that these kinds of incidents only motivate Djokovic and makes him better. He now, even more, wants to win this tournament and push their player back into the number two spot where he belongs.

  • Nishikori Routines Wawrinka in Mcenroe Group

Nishikori easily defeated Wawrinka 6-2 , 6-3 today in an impressive display while Stan put in one of his poor performances. It’s tough to predict who will qualify in this group but you would think Murray will be one of them.

He is playing tonight his first match against Cilic which could get interesting if Cilic plays his best tennis. The courts are faster this year which I am happy to see and which will help Cilic against Murray.


If Murray somehow loses his first match after Djokovic won his first match the pressure will already mount on him. But he is still the favorite to win.

I see Djokovic will play the second match tomorrow against Raonic which will be another important match for him and he does lead Raonic 7-0 in the head-to-head so we will see how it plays out.

I will be back with another post after that.

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  1. Novak must be the most goaded, harassed and provoked player in the history of tennis. If he answers with grace, humour and politeness he is called ‘fake’; If he gives as good as he gets he is called arrogant and classless. He can’t do right for doing wrong. For years they have relentlessly tried to goad him into saying something they can take out of context and make a ‘non-story’ out of. How many other top players get this treatment? I don’t see Murray getting taken to task about his bad language or fits of temper, and even Fedex has been known to smash a racquet or call another player ‘a joke’. I am glad to see Novak bite back at last…and that death stare! I just don’t want him to get distracted or so angry it affects him badly on court – we know he is mentally a little fragile right now and want him fired up, not petulant and sulky. What I thought was funny was what followed: ‘Next question?’… Dead silence and Novak walks off! :D


    Ru-an Reply:

    Ha! I didn’t catch that last part. Nice…


  2. Well there’s normally at least one journalist in the crowd that brings up incidents where the player gets frustrated. I’ve seen Fed/Nadal/Murray and others get asked similar questions. Heck even Murray gets abuse from British journos occasionally.

    The main reason I think why some of the British media dislike Djokovic is because of instances of gamesmanship on court against Murray. Australian open 2015 final is primary incident. Djok pulled the bambi on ice tactic and completely threw Murray off his game. For many in British media/ Murray fans this kind of behaviour was unforgiveable.

    I think ever since hiring Becker Djokovic has resorted to gamesmanship quite a few times and I don’t think it’s done him much favours. He rivals Nadal in taking questionable medical timeouts when he’s down and his opponent is playing well (US open 2016 final vs Stan).

    I believe this gamesmanship is part of the reason why many fedfans can’t appreciate Djokovic. Fed may be a smug/arrogant person but he never resorts to the kind of gamesmanship displayed by Djokovic and Nadal.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I think Federer’s treatment of Murray over the years have been way worse than Djokovic, Alex. Djokovic and Murray are good friends for a reason. And again, Murray has tried plenty of gamesmanship himself. He just doesn’t succeed as much as Djokovic.

    Federer has always had an abusive attitude toward Murray and Murray has always seemed intimidated by Federer. Federer had a similar attitude toward Djokovic but we all know how that worked out for him.


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