Djokovic Makes 10th Consecutive US Open Semi-Final

Djokovic made his 10th consecutive semi-final at the US Open last night when there was yet another retirement when Tsonga pulled out with a knee problem after trailing Djokovic 3-6, 2-6.

Terrific consistency from Djokovic who is now second on the list for most consecutive US Open semi-finals made behind Connors(12) and second on the list for total slam semi-finals(tied with Connors at 31).

His strike rate for winning titles after making semis have not been that great, however(2/9), and he has lost in four finals. So I hope he can improve on that this year. This was the third opponent of Djokovic who has either withdrawn or retired which of course has the whole tennis world talking.

The critics are acting like it’s some kind of conspiracy and they are right; it is. The universe is conspiring for Djokovic. By now he has built up such an invincible aura that you may as well say he is conspiring on his own behalf.

Obviously, if you win as much as Djokovic it is going to start having an effect on the subconscious of other players. It seems highly unlikely that three consecutive opponents have coincidentally gotten injured before or when playing Djokovic.

Djokovic is a force of nature with an aura that instills immense fear in his opponents, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. But most people don’t have the knowledge to understand these things. They display their ignorance by calling it pure luck.

Either way, they did play two sets so we can now draw some more conclusions about Djokovic’s form. And this time, I stayed up for the match so it’s easier for me to draw accurate conclusions.

The first set was not so great because both players served several double faults and Djokovic made some unforced errors off the ground. He got the break early on but then got broken back, only to break again in the eighth game and then he consolidated to win the first set.

In the second set, Djokovic found his rhythm on the serve and off the ground and broke twice to breeze through the second set. I thought he looked very good. It was great to see Djokovic back to his best after his recent problems.

As a fan, it was a refreshing and comforting feeling to see Djokovic play like that. I missed that unbelievable movement and solidity off the ground. But I thought the break was needed too. I don’t see any problem of Djokovic being undercooked for the final either.

With the wrist problems he had and all the tennis he played in the last year and a half, this is something very helpful, not the opposite. The whole draw has conspired in Djokovic’s favor because Djokovic’s main threat Murray now has a tough road ahead while Djokovic himself plays Monfils in the semis instead of Nadal or Raonic.

Not that Djokovic was in danger of losing to either of those but they are better than Monfils who has never been to a slam final. Murray, on the other hand, has to go through Nishikori, Del Potro/Stan, and likely Djokovic to win the title.

  • Murray Delivers Masterclass Against Dimitrov

Murray played Dimitrov in the fourth round and delivered a much-improved performance from the Lorenzi match as he destroyed Dimitrov 6-1, 6-2, 6-2. Not that I ever rated Dimitrov but I did watch and Murray did play very well.

But like I said, he now has a very tricky road ahead. Everything has conspired in Djokovic’s favor and Murray is now swimming against the tide. All credit to him if he pulls off another slam title but it will take some doing.

He plays Nishikori in the first men’s match today and although I don’t expect him to have much difficulty in winning I am just looking forward to seeing what kind of resistance Nishikori can put up.

The problem for Nishikori is his serve which Murray can take apart so he needs to first of all serve at a high first serve percentage. Nishikori was quite good in his straight-set defeat of Karlovic and maybe he can make the match competitive.

It also depends on Murray’s form of course. If he plays like he did against Dimitrov Nishikori has very little chance but it will be tough for Murray to repeat that. Either way, Murray put all doubts about him to rest after the Lorenzi match and proved again that he is the real deal with Lendl in his corner.


He is certainly playing well enough to win the title but like I said he has a very tough draw now especially if he faces Del Potro in the semis. I don’t think Stan is a much a threat so I hope Del Potro wins the second men’s quarterfinal today.

As much as I like Stan, I want it more for Del Potro anyway because of all his bad fortune with injuries. And I want to see a rematch of that Olympics final where Del Potro had a brutal semi-final the day before with Nadal.

Del Potro is such a monster that he can actually beat Murray. We all know what Stan can do when he is in Stanimal mode but he is too inconsistent and the faster Decoturf surface of the US Open is not as favorable to his game.

For Del Potro, it suits his game to a tee and although it is unfortunate that Thiem had to withdraw due to injury against him at 3-6, 2-3 down I think Del Potro was on his way to giving Thiem quite a spanking.

He has looked unbelievably dangerous so far and is truly capable of defeating anyone.

  • Elsewhere in the Draw

I haven’t said anything about the Monfils vs Pouille match which was a disappointing 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 win for Monfils. Not disappointing because Monfils won but because Pouille was flat after three consecutive five-setters.

He tried but the mojo was gone. Credit to Monfils anyway who has had a good run of late. I think Pouille will be much better than Monfils and can potentially win slams but he had nothing left after defeating Nadal in that epic.

That match proved enough for me. Pouille is the real deal from what I can tell and I like him and his game. I’m excited about him as a player. Contrary to other French players he has a champions mentality and he has all the shots too.

So like I said, Murray and Nishikori is first up today while Del Potro and Stan will play the last match again which means I will probably have to miss it again. They schedule the men last because if the women played last too many people would leave for the last match.

I find this unfortunate but it is what it is. What are you gonna do?

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  1. “Djokovic is a force of nature with an aura that instills immense fear in his opponents, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. But most people don’t have the knowledge to understand these things. They display their ignorance by calling it pure luck.”

    You talk of Djokovic as if he is some god. And in the past you’ve labelled regular readers/followers as fanatics on this blog. Earlier it was all about Federer, now Djokovic and I am sure in a few years it’s going to be someone else….

    Is this tennis journalism? (Since you so often claim to be a tennis journalist) What are you trying to say? That world class players are going to get scared subconsciously and get injured because of the player across the net. What proof do you have? Have players admitted to it in the past ? And what’s all this crap about the ‘Universe conspiring in the favour of Djokovic’? If he loses in some place, then it’s a conspiracy against him, if he wins it’s the universe doing the balancing act… If the universe was so good, then it would also look out for regular journeymen who are struggling to stay on tour and make ends meet.

    Stick to reporting the action on court because clearly, philosophy isn’t your forte. ..


    Ru-an Reply:

    This is the best you can come up with? There used to be good comments on this blog but since people can’t see past their Federer worship it is now gone, not realizing that there is tennis beyond Federer and awesome tennis at that. This is not a celebrity blog. It’s a tennis blog. I write about all tennis players and Djokovic happens to be the guy who is now doing amazing things. It’s not my problem if people can’t appreciate that.

    Also, if you don’t like my style of writing, why bother reading my blog?


    siddharth Reply:

    The best I can come up with?
    I put forth a point and that’s the question you have for me? I am not an experienced writer like you, nor have I commented much in the past. But, since I felt strongly about what you wrote today, I put in a comment. Shoot me..

    Djokovic is doing amazing things and I never disagreed with that. I have very clearly pointed out what I didn’t agree with on this post. Also, If I didn’t like your style of writing, I wouldn’t be here. What irks me are statements like the one you made about players getting injured because subconsciously they ‘feared’ Djokovic. Clearly points to the fact that this is indeed, a celebrity blog.

    Ru-an… no one would have resented you for saying that you are a Djokovic fan, but it was the manner in which you went about disparaging people and their favorite player that put them off. They flocked here to read about Federer. This place is where they came to vent their frustrations on his losses and share their joys on his victories. Out of the blue, it’s tone changed to favor Djokovic and show outright contempt for Federer. How else would they have reacted? They were attached to this blog. Emotionally invested in it and yet If someone said anything negative about Djokovic’s play/draw/antics then he/she was labelled a ‘fed-fanatic’. You had been running the place for years with the focus on Federer and things were bound to get rough when that changed. A little sensitivity would have helped instead of abruptly reprimanding people and telling them that their belief in a player is misplaced. According to you, they are fanatics while even now your own comments on Djokovic border on worship (Cases in the point: Establishment’s conspiracy against him during Wimbledon; Universe conspiring to make him win the US open, etc..etc. ).

    Not that you’ll agree because you are, in your own words, ‘a tennis journalist’ and a journalist is always right.

    PS: As for people not appreciating the amazing things that Djokovic is doing, Nadal too had an amazing run on clay. I am pretty sure no one is going to come close to his achievements on dirt (or any single surface for that matter).. I don’t recall you appreciating him for that…


    Ru-an Reply:

    The problem is that people left comments like this one right here after I stopped being a Federer fan which is full of lies and misunderstandings and I got tired of reading it and explaining myself which is why in a way I was glad when people stopped commenting.

    Explaining yourself is a waste of time because people will believe what they want to believe anyway. Just like they are going to believe what they want to believe whatever my response is here, so why would I bother responding or explaining myself? Other than the fact that people believe what they want to believe it takes an awful lot of time to do – time I don’t have.

    That said, you are right that I could have been more sensitive(or less sensitive as far as taking criticism goes) but the damage is done so it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Which is why I also won’t bother explaining why your post contains several lies and false statements.

    I wasted enough time explaining myself already which got me nowhere, to begin with.


  2. Hi, Ru-an. Your posts are very interesting as usual. Don’t know if I agree with you on your theory about the sub-conscious stuff, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It’s kind of expected that there will be a lot of injuries after a long and gruelling season, although three opponents in a row is one hell of a coincidence so maybe there’s something to it. In any case, staying fit and healthy is part of the game, so I agree that it has little to do with luck. Will be very interesting to see Djoko’s next match against Monfils who seems to be playing the tennis of his life now. I haven’t seen any of Monfils matches, so I don’t know how much of it is hype. He might at least give Djokovic a tough fight.

    At the other side of the draw, I honestly thought Delpo was going to reach the semis and he probably would have been the one with the best chance against Djokovic in a potential final. Assuming the wrist is fine, it seems unlikely Novak will lose to any of the other left, but I guess you never know. Also a little surprised Murray lost. I only saw the last set and I was very impressed with the intensity and aggression Nishikori displayed so late in the match. Murray was just pushing the ball back and deserved to lose from what I saw. Looking forward to the semis. Anyway, good job with the blog.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks, man! Yeah, I think it would take quite the conspiracy theorist to believe that three walkovers or retirements(can’t remember that happening since watching tennis) just happened to take place against the guy who is having the most dominant stretch in tennis history!

    But one thing I have noticed about people since following politics is that they love their conspiracy theories and would do almost anything to avoid the truth so not all that surprising I guess.


  3. Just to tell you that I agree with you 100%. Ife Vesely, Youzhny and Tsonga played someone else they would play until the end. Read the following Federer’s statement regarding WTF final 2014:
    “I tried everything I could last night and today – painkillers, rest – until the very end, but I can’t compete at this level with Novak.” This is saying “If it was someone else, I would play”.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks, George. Although in 2014 Djokovic had not built up the aura he has of late your point is totally valid. Federer is the last person to pull out due to injury. If it was anyone else I’m sure he would have played. The physical and mental burden of playing against Djokovic is immense. Players know they have 1% chance of winning when they are 100% healthy. When they are not 100% healthy they know there is absolutely zero chance of winning.


  4. Ruan I love reading your posts, but I always found them late. I mean now we already know the finalists and just 24 hours remaining into the final…but your page is still with the qf post. I would be happy to get one post about the final…please


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks, Sisay. I make one post for each round which means a post every second day but I made two posts on Friday which is why there is now a couple of days between my posts. I am currently working on a post which includes all the action since my last post, and yes the quarterfinals as well.

    Sorry for the wait but I don’t get paid for doing this and I have many other things to do as well. On top of that, I’ve had a cold for the last two weeks now which doesn’t make things any easier, especially with the difficult viewing times here in South Africa.

    I hope you understand. My next post should be live very soon, more than 24 hours before the final 🤗


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