Djokovic Fills Final Quarterfinal Space at Wimbledon

Djokovic defeated Mannarino 6-2, 7-6(5), 6-4 in the final fourth round match today after Wimbledon unfairly refused to let him finish his match yesterday on Center Court. As if that was not enough of an insult, they scheduled his match for the quarterfinals for the third match in a row.

We are talking about a 3-time Wimbledon champion here not some grass court novice. You would think they will let Federer or Murray play on Court 1 at least once and the fact that they play all their matches in the same conditions also gives them an unfair advantage.

I mean it’s just shameless stuff that they aren’t even trying to hide. But what they don’t seem to learn from experience is that these kinds of things only motivates Djokovic and makes him play better. And today he remarked how poor the condition of Center Court is this year so he probably doesn’t mind playing on Court 1.

He also played on Center Court today so at least he won’t have to adjust to Center Court again after three matches on Court 1 if he makes the semis.

As for his match today, I missed the first set and a half due to the changed starting time and he wasn’t playing that great when I joined but the important thing is that he recovered from a break down in the tiebreak and won in straight sets. Apparently, he was playing great in the first set and a half too.

Djokovic has not lost a set since Eastbourne now and although the highest ranked player he played since then was Monfils he is looking quite good. There were still unforced errors against Mannarino but you won’t expect him to bring his best form yet and the main thing is that his fire and mojo seems to be back.

There is an injury concern now because he took an MTO against Mannarino for his old arm problem but hopefully, he can keep that at bay until the end of Wimbledon. He does not have a day before the quarterfinals to rest his arm now but he did have Sunday and Monday off.

He plays Berdych who he leads by an astonishing 25-2 in the head-to-head and if he can get through that he will have another day of rest. At least there are no irritating WTA matches tomorrow and the weather forecast is good so this time Djokovic should be able to finish his match.

The quarterfinal stage is where Djokovic usually raises his game when he is playing well and he needs to put in a good performance if he wants to be in good shape before facing Federer. But with Djokovic, it has been just one match at a time this Wimbledon and I am not looking past Berdych especially with the injury concern.

And besides, Federer still has to beat Raonic who he lost to last year.

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Raonic beat Federer last year when Federer was struggling with an injury but you never know. Raonic has come under the radar a bit and had an impressive win over Zverev. He is a guy who plays with a lot of self-belief and can surprise you. I would say Federer is the favorite but Raonic is no pushover like Dimitrov.

Murray plays Querrey and as far as I’m concerned all Murray’s matches are boring but he is British so he plays every match on Center Court. I hope Querrey spoils the hopes of the biased Wimbledon organizers but I am not betting on it. Murray should win.

Finally, Muller plays Cilic and Cilic should definitely win that after Muller upset Nadal in that marathon match. Probably Cilic will win in straight sets or something.

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  1. If he is injured he is injured.

    In some ways I wish Murray had done the same, he was moving very badly and his service power collapsed. Even if he had miracled that match he wouldn’t have stood little chance in the next round. Brave yes, but also possibly stupid.

    Djokovic’s injury should recover, but Murray? I think it could be career ending, which a shame after the level he reached to get to number 1.


  2. Ruan you were right to mention that players should not be judged based on 1st week form. Now, if Djokovic does not recover from this injury soon enough, I expect total Federer dominance until year end if he is to win at Wimbledon. And that is almost certain if he is able to maintain that level shown against Raonic. I doubt Nadal will challenge him with sub-par fast court pedigree. Maybe the new generation like Kyrgios, Zverev or Theim will step up and take charge !!!


    Eren Reply:

    A bit too optimistic regarding Fed. Don’t forget, Berdych defeated Federer in the 2010 Wimbledon QF and defeated Djokovic afterwards in the SF. Now, he has done half of the work again!

    Federer first needs to fight off Berdych. If, potentially, he meets Cilic, it could be tricky as well. Cilic really trashed Fed at the USO in 2014.

    An unpredictable Wimbledon Championship so far.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Federer won’t drop a set same as Nadal at the FO.


    MJ-Ruban Reply:

    Yes, I completely agree. That’s why it’s imperative for Fed to maintain or further increase his level


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thanks, MJ. There isn’t much time between now and the Canada Masters so it’s doubtful Djokovic will be ready. He screwed himself by playing while burned out so Federer will likely win Wimbledon and the USO. Djokovic needs to do what Federer did last year to get healthy now.


    Vasco Reply:

    Totally agree. Djokovic has all the symptoms of a burnout. Taking the rest of the season off is the smart thing to do. It will allow him to heal his body, rest his mind and re-ignite the desire to play tennis and win.


  3. It is very clear that Federer will dominate the rest of the year. Since his 30th birthday he has won 25 Titles, including 2 Grand Slams. Until now.


  4. I hear a lot of comments from commentators, media etc about Federer being ‘a different player this year’. Of course he is. But I don’t see many questioning why or how, given the circumstances, this is humanly physically possible. A couple of obscure blogs raise questions about his and Nadal’s miracle resurrection. Maybe it is all down to practising his backhand and ‘thinking young’. We will never know. Now that Djokovic has been dispatched according to plan – the injury wasn’t anybody’s fault, but the unfair scheduling was – I expect Fed to clean up the rest of the year and reach 20GS – again according to plan. The scary prospect looms that he could even go on playing for another five years, meaning back to the old yawn fests of Fedal final after Fedal final. Depressing.


    Ru-an Reply:

    I disagree that the Wimbledon scheduling alone is at fault. The scheduling would never have been a problem if Djokovic listened to his body and took a break.


    Lynsey Adams Reply:

    Fair point, although I didn’t mean to imply that it was the scheduling alone. He had taken a few short breaks in past months, but obviously not long enough, or thought/hoped the injury was manageable. Perhaps he felt he had to keep going, maybe out of some feeling of loyalty to his fans, or fear of losing motivation and confidence even more if he stopped to rest, or even trying to silence all the negative media speculation. Or just the sheer bloody mindedness and refusal to give in, which we used to love him for on the court. Who knows. Looks as though he has no choice now though, and I hope it will work for him.


    Lynsey Adams Reply:

    A further point to take into account is that while everybody nods approvingly when Fed takes months out and says how wise he is to be managing his body and selecting his tournaments, whenever Djokovic is injured he almost invariable gets accused of faking, cheating, choking, poor sportsmanship and God knows what else. His fans believe in him, but even in instances such as last year’s USO final when he was actually bleeding, we have ‘experts’ such as McEnroe calling him out for ‘working the system’ AKA cheating. I sometimes used to think that if he dropped down dead on the court, he would still be accused of faking.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a certain age a player has to reach and a number of tournaments they have to have played before they can take a long time off from just ‘fatigue’ or ‘having a rest’ or ‘maximising my chances for Wimbledon’ (which Fed has openly said was his aim in missing the clay court season). When can they legitimately pick and chose without actually being injured? Fed has obviously fulfilled the prerequisits that allow him to do this, but I don’t know about Djokovic. In a press conference where he was asked about taking time out, he said he had ‘certain obligations’ – maybe to sponsors, fans, whatever. Dunno. So he may have known he needed time out, but couldn’t until he was very obviously injured. Same could be said for Murray – and now they are both stuffed.


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