Djokovic and Nadal Make Positive Starts in 2016

Happy 2016 again to everyone. I wish you health, peace, and prosperity in the new year. I hope you are as eager for the 2016 tennis season after the break as I am.

Of the big four, Djokovic and Nadal have already started their seasons in Doha while the Stanimal also played his first two matches in Chennai and won. Federer starts tomorrow in Brisbane and I guess Murray will only play the Hopman Cup again.

  • Doha

Djokovic and Nadal have both played two matches already and are still in the tournament. Nadal lost the first set yesterday before prevailing against fellow Spaniard Carreno Busta but today he easily won 6-3, 6-2 against Haase.

I am expecting a big season from him after finishing strongly last year. Not that I expect him to win any slams. I just think he will do much better than in 2015 and be Djokovic’s main competition.


Speaking of Djokovic, he won both his matches 6-2, 6-2 against Brown and Verdasco and doesn’t even seem to have left first gear yet. He is still making a mockery of the ATP Tour and an ATP 250 event like Doha seems to be the equivalent of an exhibition event to him.

Doha was the only 250 event he played last season and I guess that won’t change in 2016. It’s ideal after the offseason just before the Australian Open and the result doesn’t matter.

It’s just good for playing some matches and getting ready for the first slam of the year. Djokovic plays Mayer next while Nadal will face Kuznetsov.


Ferrer lost first round which means Nadal’s draw in the bottom half opened up while Berdych is still lurking in the top half for Djokovic. I guess we are looking at another Djokodal final which would give Djokovic a chance to own Nadal some more after having won eight of their last nine meetings.

But there is still a long way to go. Last year Djokovic lost in the quarters so anything can happen.

  • Brisbane and Chennai

Tomorrow Federer opens against Kamke in Brisbane and I am happy to see that Thiem began his season with a couple of wins in Brisbane. He plays Cilic next for a place in the semis and possibly against Federer.

Brisbane is fairly strong for a 250 event and it should be interesting to see if Federer wins it after not the strongest of finishes last year.

Finally, Chennai is the weakest of the events this week and Stan should win a fourth title there if he plays at a decent level.

  • Highlights

The is in your court.

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  1. Hi Ru-an, yeah interesting start to the year so far, nothing unexpected particularly but Federer with an easy win, albeit against a qualifier. I also back your prediction of a Djokodal final in Doha, and I think Federer should make the Brisbane final but no idea who would take the other slot, it’s too hard to say as there are so many possible contenders.



    Ru-an Reply:

    Hey, Charlie. Looks like Djokovic woke up today. Nice win for Federer. Nadal ground out another three setter.


    universal123 Reply:

    Yeah Federer had flu apparently, supposedly it spread through the entire team and took them all out lol. He hadn’t been practicing much, but of course a match against Kamke is the perfect first match to get back into it. He needs to be properly well though for his next match v. Dimitrov. Oh and just to explain to you how bad the hype is for British players here in the UK, there were people seriously suggesting that since Kyle Edmund beat an unseeded player in 3 sets, he had a chance of beating Berdych in the QF in Doha. It’s probably over by now, but last time I checked a few minutes ago the score was 6-3, 5-1 Berdych lol. Sometimes I actually root for Murray to lose, even when he isn’t playing one of my favourite players, just because I hate the hype that surrounds him here. It’s genuinely unbearable at times, particularly around Wimbledon as you would expect.


    Ru-an Reply:

    Edmund is the GOAT. Didn’t you know? :))


    universal123 Reply:

    Reuters: 7.1.16

    Kyle Edmund today lost 6-3, 6-2 to Tomas Berdych, nonetheless, in a statement to the media, he professed that he continues to consider himself as the greatest of all time. “What? Federer has 17 slams? Nadal 14? Djokovic 10? I thought it would be much harder to catch them than that. 42 slams will be my new target, one more than all of them put together. Besides, a quarter-final in Doha is far better than a grand slam win, right? There’s no way anyone will ever be able to compete with my Doha quarter-final in the debate for the greatest player ever!” Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all declined to comment. Federer was working on a new shot, the SSABR (Super Sneaky Attack by Roger). In a statement, Federer said “It’s so secret, guys I can’t tell you about it. Besides it makes the ball invisible. Top secret. Classified. Sorry guys.” Meanwhile, Nadal was conducting experiments to replace his entire skeleton with metal in order to reduce the risk of further injury. He suggested that the ATP should make rocket boosters legal in order for him to get to the ball faster. “It’s unfair that I don’t get to play under best conditions for my game no? Rocket booster tennis is perfect for my game no?” Finally, Djokovic has announced that when playing against opponents ranked outside the top 50, he will play with a resistance band between his legs. “It’s the only way to make it fair really, and I should still win in straight sets.”This comes as a response to recent events. Djokovic has beaten some opponents so badly that there are a number of lawsuits reportedly due against him. It is alleged that some were so badly beaten that it took them months in hospital to recover, and the legal action against him could cost Djokovic millions of dollars in compensation.


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