Debunking the Haters

Thanks to a reader for showing me this article. In my post about the media circus, I explained how the media criticizes great men like Roger Federer and then gets thousands of readers. Well here is a perfect example. This guy is just asking to be made an example of, so that is exactly what I will do. I’ve had enough, it’s time to get personal. It’s not right what is happening here. In my previous post I mentioned Peter Bodo, but I didn’t provide actual writing from him. This time I will take it even a step further and show you through an example exactly how these people use false information to create gossip and gain readers. If you look at how many readers this guy got it is quite a few, way more then me anyway. I mean he has 75 comments already, more then 10 times what I get. And how did he do it?

Well first of all he writes for the Mirror, which is a joke in itself. But basically what he does is tell lies and spit hate at someone who clearly does not deserve it. Allow me to quote:

Andy Roddick wore a T-shirt and shorts when he walked out on Centre Court on Sunday. He looked like a tennis player.

The bloke walking next to him looked like an extra from Bruno.

Either that or Roger Federer had got dressed early for the Champions Ball.

Here we go again……the inevitable attack on the Federer wardrobe, the favorite angle of the haters. Doesn’t people ever get bored of writing the same thing and hearing the same old story? Pathetic. Anyway he didn’t look like any of the above, to me Roger looked like a tennis player who brought something different to the game at a tournament which have a few very boring traditions. Actually I thought he looked amazing. But whatever you thought about his clothing, this is not a fashion contest, it’s a contest between two tennis players for the most prestigious crown in world tennis, which Roger won despite having the heavy weight of history on his shoulders. He did so in heroic fashion.

It felt uncomfortable seeing him like that, seeing a great champion who has become so intoxicated with his own image that he is making himself a laughing stock. A man who was once the epitome of modesty and humility but is now tarnishing his genius with increasingly graceless arrogance.

Maybe it felt uncomfortable because your hyped up favorite for the tournament, Andy Murray, couldn’t even make the final? I think that’s more to the point. And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t laugh. I was in awe of his genius as he became the first man in history to win 15 grand slam titles, under intense pressure and playing against an inspired opponent. Tarnishing his genius? I doubt it, more like you are tarnishing whatever reputation you have left.

Someone needs to tell the guy that not only is he making a fool of himself but he’s losing admirers fast, 15 Grand Slam titles or not.

WRONG! You are losing readers fast, let alone fans. How does a guy make a fool of himself by winning the most grand slams titles in history? I’d REALLY like to know!

Someone needs to tell him that there was a reason the crowd was cheering for Roddick, and it wasn’t because the American was the underdog. Someone needs to point out we’re getting deep into The Emperor’s New Clothes territory now.

Someone needs to tell you to learn manners and give credit where it’s due. The crowd was cheering for Roddick because he beat Murray, and they wanted to be able to say that the man who beat their man won the tournament. Someone needs to point out we are getting deep into the Not Man Enough To Accept A Loss territory now.

When the six-time Wimbledon champion walked out for the men’s final on Sunday in his ridiculous high-collared jacket and gold monogrammed shirt, it was hard not to laugh.

Again I’m not sure what this individual is referring to. Did you laugh? I sure didn’t. I thought the GOAT had just stepped onto the court!

Federer looked every inch the preening, posing, head-tossing narcissist that Novak Djokovic captured so perfectly in his famous locker room impersonation of the Swiss.

Oh and someone like Djokovic is not arrogant?! It’s not arrogant to bang your chest after you beat the GOAT after the GOAT stopped playing in Miami?! It’s very convenient for this hater to keep referring to Roger’s arrogance and ignoring the arrogance of players like Djokovic and Murray, who is incidentally ten times more arrogant then Roger. And that is even more disturbing when you take into account these two individuals together have won one grand slam, while Roger have won fifteen times that.

Federer is said to have rebuked Djokovic for his impudence. You know why? Because Djokovic got him spot-on.

WRONG again! I don’t know where Roger rebuked Djokovic but if he did so then it’s totally deserved. Djokovic is the preening, posing, head-tossing narcissist. Maybe he was just being himself and this writer hallucinated an impression of Roger, because that is what he wanted to see. LOL!

Federer is still the most graceful, brilliant, mesmerising tennis player the world has ever seen. I still consider it an immense privilege every time I get to see him play.

It’s hard to take these words seriously coming from you when you read the rest of the article.

And yet the world No.1 is in danger of losing the qualities that have made him so popular: his humility and his graciousness.

Not really, that’s just your opinion. An opinion that doesn’t matter.

Part of the problem is that the poor guy has been Nikefied. And I mean totally and utterly Nikefied. So Nikefied that he has lost his judgment.

“Nikefied?” Ok that’s a new one to me. Never hear of that before! I guess that is a word the writer thought of to make himself look smart and more credible. LOL!

I mean, how on earth did he allow himself to be persuaded to rush to put on that tracksuit top with the No.15 etched on his back a couple of minutes after he had outlasted Roddick on Sunday? What a pathetic, smartass, gloating, selfregarding stunt that was.

Nice to see that it pissed you off that much. Hopefully Roger will do it whenver he wins a slam from now on!

But why would someone demean himself and his opponent by doing something so crassly vain and self-regarding?

If that demeaned Roddick then he must be a pretty pathetic individual. How can the actions of someone else demean you? That doesn’t even make sense. I guess this writer felt demeaned by it, so he projected it onto the players!

I wonder if Federer gave a thought to how Roddick might feel when he saw that tracksuit top and that 15 on Federer’s back.

Well he certainly gave thought to how Roddick felt by his muted celebrations after BECOMING THE FIRST MAN IN HISTORY TO WIN 15 GRAND SLAM TITLES!!!

I suspect Roddick felt a sharp sting of irritation when he saw that. I bet he felt patronised and belittled.

Projection. And if Roddick did feel that way, then once again I have to say he is a pretty pathetic individual.

Because by wearing it, Federer was making it obvious it had been made for him before the match. It had been made in the assumption of victory. It had turned a proud moment into a marketing moment. It was cheap, cheap. It lacked class.

Or maybe it showed confidence??? Far as I can see this guy never played tennis on any decent level himself, and therefor don’t understand how the mind of a tennis player works. To have scaled the heights Roger has he has to believe he will win every match he plays. The way I know Roger, he probably didn’t even have a spare in case he had lost. Failure doesn’t enter his mind, it’s not an option. But I guess you can’t expect a mere mortal like this guy to understand it.

Nor, in his acceptance speech, was there any real recognition of how desperately close Roddick had come to winning the final. There was no hint that Roddick had outplayed him – which he did – or that the American had pushed him to his very limit.

I stopped reading at the bold part. In fact reading that part makes me wonder if this guy wasn’t on crack when he wrote this.

Instead, Federer chose to draw attention to the fact that he had had a tough loss against Rafael Nadal last year.

Your point being?

Even Roddick felt moved to speak up then. “Yeah,” he shouted out, “but you had won it five times by then.”

I’ve spoken about this incident before and it just came out the wrong way. There was clearly no ill intentions behind what Roger said, it was just clumsy. But of course Roger is being watched like a hawk by the haters, whose life mission is to be onto Roger when he makes the slightest misstep, which all humans do of course. I wonder what Roger thinks when he sees this kind of thing. I’m sure he can’t help laughing that there are people who would dedicate their lives to finding fault with him. I mean these guys have the hardest job in the world. It is extremely difficult to find fault with Roger. So much so that when you try to do it, you make yourself into a complete clown, just like this guy did.

It was, a former Wimbledon star told me yesterday, “the most graceless acceptance speech I have ever heard”.

And who might that be? Andrew Castle? Haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah

Sadly, it fits a pattern. As cracks have appeared in Federer’s invincibility, he has found it harder and harder to give credit to those who have beaten him.

Well just how many cracks are appearing in the invincibility of someone who won three of the last four grand slams exactly? Oh and lets not forget that he made the final of the other one, completed the career grand slam, won the most grand slam titles in history and returned to the number one spot in the rankings. LOL!

He seems to find it particularly difficult with Andy Murray. When Murray beat him at the Masters Cup in Shanghai last November, Federer was ready with a raft of excuses.

He trotted them out again before Wimbledon. “I was ill and suffering with my back and I still almost beat him,” Federer said. How gallant.

What a silly comment. Roger was the clear favorite going into Wimbledon, by FAR the favorite. Yet he had to listen 24/7 to the BS from the British media like yourself, about how Murray is the new favorite for Wimbledon. This after Murray’s best previous result at Wimbledon were quarter finals, while Roger had won there five times in a row and just came off a win at the French Open! HOW ARROGANT! This British media is repulsive! It’s a slap in the face of a legend! Learn some respect man! Shame on you! They keep asking Roger about what he thinks about Murray! What do you expect him to say?! “Yes, Murray is the favorite, even though I won 5 times and Murray made one quarter”??? When will you silly little journalists get it through your thick skulls that this is tennis, and not some pathetic little people pleasing contest??? GROW UP!!!

A couple of years ago, I would have considered it sacrilege to criticise Federer. Not any more.

He’s the best there’s ever been but if he doesn’t want to be remembered as a genius who became bloated with self-importance and pomposity, he needs to get a grip.

A couple of years ago Roger was not the GOAT yet. He didn’t fight through adversity and become the man he is today yet. A couple of years ago Roger had not gotten ill yet and he wasn’t yet written off by all you silly little journalists. Yet despite all the crap you wrote he still came back and became the GOAT! In your FACE!!!

What a pathetic piece of writing this was. As you know I don’t boast about my writing style, I’m not even english. But honestly, why would people read this junk rather then my blog? It blows my mind. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the guy writes for the Mirror, and of course it is a British paper. The British are still such sore losers over the fact that their man couldn’t even make the final, that they have to write trash like this now. I also think they take advantage of the fact that there are some very naive and gullible people out there who would read and believe just about anything out there. I don’t think any of my regular readers would ever buy into this crap. Well at least I have a sophisticated blog read by sophisticated people. Who cares if this pathetic writer gets a million readers? Lol!

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  1. You are right on. It just shows how little Fed is respected in the media. If Murray, Rafa, Novak came out with such an outfit or of such confidence that Roger displayed it would be another story. The media is so cruel to Roger, it is really making my blood boil.


    Ru-an Reply:



  2. Yeah, it getting a little overboard when they write like that. I read these articles last week and feel a little sad that they choose to slam Roger for the smallest things. They fail to write about the match, which I suspect that they only watch the beginning when players walked and trophy presentation. What they did during the matches is beyond me, obviously sleeping OR doing other things instead. Honestly they should not write under sport column, they should write for gossip or fashion sections.


    Denise Reply:

    I may get literal, but I notice with tennis and all sports that they “romanticized” and “idealized” every aspect. Being from a lit background, I can see how articles are crafted, somewhat like a novel, with a villan and a hero and an interesting story. In tennis, an opponent is always viewed as a commoner, while the media crafts Roger image as “high society” This is especially true with Rafa, Novak, Murray, any opponent against Roger. This can be done to other athletes, but I notice it especially with Roger. Then when the commoner beats high society, an idealized viewpoint is always displayed by the media, Rafa as conquering hero by “dethroning the king”, Roddick as “working so hard to try and conquer his nemisis” Murray by “slaying the giant”, Djokovic by saying that “the king is dead”, etc. If I have something to say about it, this trend will end.


  3. I have read that article(Oliver Holt)the link was posted in Roger´s site,I´m so sick of this debate…
    What´s wrong in being prepared for a joyous moment which turns out to be a history breaking feat? Don´t football teams have the champions jerseys before any cup finals? Who expects one to enter a match thinking he has no chance? And all have been said about”great Roddick”, in 2008 finals when Nadal won by a whisker, everybody talked about how well Nadal played and how the Star Fed was falling apart.This shows how biased sports writing has become. Once more they are not looking at the entire picture:ROGER AND HIS TENNIS MAKES.


  4. Nice argument there Ruan.You/we should put a sock in his face once and for all.This Holt person is clearly sourgraping because his Murray that was overhyped is just that.Pure hype.That person must be dealt with in Rogers defense.


  5. I live in London and spare a thought for me. I was soooooo incensed by the whole Murray hype by the media and am truly fed up with all this triviality about the jacket. And come on, that outburst from Andy (you’ve won five) is a bit of a banter and shows Andy and Roger get on well off court – otherwise I wouldn’t think Andy would have said that. Anyway we true fans should be beyond this!


  6. Way to go Ruanz!!

    After the great British and Duck Roddick American overhype haters and tards have been grasping at straws.
    No amount of corrupted prophets or evil naysayers could prevent theFed from conquering the tennis universe.

    Fear not Federesians, we are masters of the universe now. Keep rolling Goatio!


    Ru-an Reply:



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