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How’s everyone? Thanks for the comments and discussion on my last post. I think we have exhausted the pre-draw discussion of Wimbledon now and we are ready for the much-anticipated draw which is made tomorrow of course. But before the big event I have something I want to share with you quickly which I think you will enjoy. I have already started the Funny Photos page which is under the galleries tab and which I keep updating, so I hope you are keeping a lookout.

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Now I have decided to add a Funny Videos page. Watching a video will require more time from you than viewing a photo, but you may find it well worth your while. I have found a good source of funny videos and will keep updating this category as well. But unlike the funny photos I will make an actual post every time I add a funny video and hopefully have a short discussion about it afterward with you. Also, it won’t always be funny. Sometimes it will just be interesting.

There is a lot of serious discussion on my blog and I think humor is always important to help us relax and realize that it is all just a game and for fun.

  • The First Funny Videos

Today I have three videos, of which only two fall under the funny category. One of them most of you would have already seen probably, but it was so good and fitting after Nadal lost at the French Open that I decided it had to be here. But before that video here is the highlights of the Djokodal match which, by the way, is one of my favorite matches of all-time if not my favorite. Sure Nadal was not at his best, but I think people underestimate what a terrific win that was for the Djoker.

Federer for one said he expected Nadal to win the title, so for him Nadal was the favorite in this match. And yet Djokovic destroyed the beast in straight sets. Despite losing a 4-0 lead in the first set, it turned out to be a clinical victory. So clinical that at 7-5, 6-3, 5-1 and 40-0 the beast’s spirit was utterly broken as he conceded the match with a double fault. It was only the second time in 11 years Nadal lost at the French Open, and the beatdown was so convincing that he may never win another grand slam title.

This was probably the most satisfying match I ever watched, and then someone at Men’s Tennis Forums made the following video which just topped it off nicely.

I’m sure it won’t be in everyone’s taste, but I found it hilarious. And apart from that you have to have a pretty rich imagination to make something like this. It is a bit of an insider joke because a lot of it is related to what goes on at Men’s Tennis Forums, but I think it is funny even if you’re not quite in on all the jokes.

And just in case you didn’t find any of that funny(in which case you have my deepest sympathies) or if you think Andy Murray has no sense of humor, then check out the below video.

I have always known that Murray has a wicked sense of humor, but a lot of people think he is just dull. Sure, he is not the most interesting player to watch when he goes into pushing mode and when he constantly berates himself, but he can be quite funny in interviews. And most importantly he can make fun of himself =))

The is in your court.