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Recently I started using Google Chrome as a browser, and to my dismay I noticed that everything wasn’t right with the display of my blog. The right side bar is all the way at the bottom of my blog, and some of the adsense units on my blog is not showing up, which means that the layout of my blog posts won’t look quite right if viewed with Chrome. As you know I am quite proud of this blog, so even though people who use Chrome can still read my blog, this bothers me. I want my blog to always look good because this is after all a blog about the biggest sports star in the world today. But for now it doesn’t look like I will be able to fix the problem, unless I use a different theme. I have tried this before and some of you complained and it’s a difficult process. The good news is that my blog is fine with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Therefore if you are a Chrome user I urge you to use Firefox or Explorer to view my blog. I would recommend Firefox because I find Explorer slow and full of glitches. If you don’t have any of these browsers you can always download it. If however you only care about the content of the blog and not the layout, then be my guest and use Chrome.

Thanks for being such loyal followers of my blog ;-)

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  1. Hi. As a Roger’s fan, I love your blog. I use the Opera browser and I didn’t notice any problems with layout. Keep on good work. :-)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Hi Silvia, thanks for letting me know! ;-)


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