Basel Rd 1: Roger Federer Outplays Alexandr Dolgopolov 6-4, 5-2 ret.

I caught parts of this match on Youtube and live stream although the quality wasn’t very good. The quality of Roger’s tennis looked very good however. He dropped only 4 points on his serve and hit 30 winners as opposed to 6 unforced errors. Roger broke in the seventh game of the first set and twice more in the second set. When he served for the match at 5-2 and 0-15, Dolgopolov ran for a ball and twisted his ankle, after which he had to withdraw. I like Dolgopolov and I hope this won’t be too serious for him. But the match was done and dusted anyway. There is just no way Roger would have lost the match from there, especially given the form that he is in. Dolgopolov is a pretty good player, so this is another convincing performance from the GOAT. He looks rested and confident. He looked decisive on the break points that I saw, which is the difference between the Roger from mid year and now.

Winning is a habit and at the moment Roger is in the habit. And Roger is obviously extra motivated when he plays at home:

“To me it’s always one of the nicest parts of the season,” he said. “Obviously in terms of importance we’ve got the Slams and everything everybody talks about, but in terms of emotion this is obviously high up there, if not No. 1. I love this tournament more than any other almost, and it’s wonderful to me.”


Interview in German:

Roger Federer

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  1. I only see the first set ,my livestream was so bad,at least I´ll see Fox sports,on tv.Hope Roger will do till the final.It´s wonderful to see Roger playing in such level.Nothing comes from nothing this is his training´s result.


  2. I always get excited whenever Roger walks on court. His tennis is so easy on your eyes and ears. Last week was a drag without any tennis action from his royal highness. WTA didnt help much for me though my fave player Clisters won.


  3. Sorry Ru-an 2 posts, but I have always said what a great human being Roger is, did you see what a dude with his opposite player?Roger is not the fans favourite nor the players favourite for nothing.
    He´s full of class.
    Nadal is being promoted, if he wins is because of ATP. MARKETING CONSPIRACY,so please Fedfans vote for Roger in the ATP site.Thanks.Go Roger!!!


  4. Go Roger Go! Shut Djoko up and don’t be scared of him (he doesn’t have Murray’s teeth, so no need to be scared of him). Yeh! Roger baby is easiest on the eyes as you say, Dippy. What do you mean, Ines, about marketing conspiracy and Nadal promoted? You mean Nadal is leading in the votes for players and fans favourite?!! How do I get to ATP site and vote for Roger? Give me the site NOW and I will vote NOW!!!!


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