Basel QF: Federer Owns His Turkey Roddick 6-3, 6-2

This was the first match of Roger that was broadcast, but guess what? I passed out cold before the match and slept through it. I was just too tired. But it looks like it was yet another routine win for Roger over his turkey. He is now within one win of making Roddick his Ostrich. As I told you, the Niemenin match would put Roger in good stead for the rest of the tournament and judging by how he fared against Roddick, that certainly seems to be the case. This often happens. In the US Open it was the Cilic match that was a test and put him in good stead for the rest of the tournament. Roger will play against his old friend Stan the man in the semis now. Stan destroyed Mayer 6-2, 6-2 today, so he looks in pretty good form himself. The head-to-head between Roger and Stan is another lopsided one which Roger leads 9-1.

Just two wins away from yet another turkey for Roger. I have never counted, but Roger must have a lot of pigeons and turkeys, and will probably end up with an ostrich as well. Stan won’t be an easy opponent though. It’s not easy to keep beating these guys over and over without losing, but I think Roger will take care of business here. From the sound of it he was in solid form against Roddick, too solid for Stan. Djokovic had another three set match against Baghdatis today. Despite that I think Djokovic will definitely make the final. He will play Nishikori in the other semi. So it still looks like a Djokerer final. This is an important tournament for Roger and I feel like he has to take advantage. Firstly to get a win over Djokovic to stay in touch with him and then to pick up another title after having only won one title so far this year.

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  1. Every time I find Roddick in Federer’s part of the draw I feel sorry for him. It’s humiliating for a grand slam winner to get beaten like that over and over again. And today the gap between them is even wider… It must be tough for him…
    Anyway, from the little I watched of the last 2 matches, Federer’s movement looks very good. He looks quick and dynamic and moves forward a lot. That should suffice against Wawrinka. Good luck.


  2. Good to ‘hear’ that Roger is playin well.. I feel Roger should look to end the year on a high note, just to keep others uneasy..


  3. Well here we go again

    Well Ruan, here we go again.Saw the match today and Roger looked good. Andy didn’t just lay down but once again Roger was so much better. I was so happy when Djokovic lost the first set but he came back
    strong and knew it will most probably be a Federer/ Djokovic final. I hope Roger wins this, on any given day when his game is on he’s still the best player on the tour and can beat them all.The only problem is Roger isn’t consistant anymore. Come on Roger, give Nole a whipping.


  4. Forgot to add that i felt Djokovic was playing the synpathy card in his first set, trying to look fragile just incase Roger schooled him again like in the FO. After all Roger is the only player to beat him this year.


  5. Really I expected a longer and harder match but he played too GOOD.
    Though Stan is his friend and his best partner the game is competitive and merciless.
    Roger try your best and be Roger again!!!


  6. Federer-Roddick matches are usually close. The problem for Roddick is that their general games are similar, but Federer is just that extra little bit better in all departments. The serve is the only area where Roddick might be superior, and Federer’s especially good at returning it.

    I hope Federer can handle Wawrinka and make it through to the final; it’s always hard to play against a friend.

    Federer-Djokovic matches on hard court are some of the best tennis out there (though their RG encounter was probably the highest-quality they ever played) and I’m looking forward to some fantastic stuff in the final.

    Go Roger!


  7. Beating his fellow countryman Wawrinsky won’t be a swift cakewalk dance for Roger. It seems to me Roger will have to take a good start and keep the level up the whole match without dropping it and letting slip a possible lead, if he wants to get trough unscathed. It won’t be enough to produce a couple of marvelous shots, toy a bit with Stan and check out afterwards in the second set. Stanislas Wawrinka has got his own range of supporters in Switzerland as well, and might take advantage of this.
    Come on Roger, get the job done and let us taste some more of your gracious tennis.


  8. First set in the all-Swiss semi goes to Federer in a tight tiebreak, after he was broken serving at 5-3. Wawrinka was 5-1 down in the breaker but managed to get back to 5-4, he’s playing very well.

    Hopefully Federer can raise his level in the second.

    Shock news: Djokovic has been knocked out by Nishikori. The nigh-unbeatable man is looking a little ragged towards the end of the season.


  9. Federer wins, 7-6(5), 6-2.

    Wawrinka played very well, but Federer ultimately had too much game. He really got it going in the second set.

    In the title match, Federer now faces the crafty Nishikori, who has good hustle and mixes it up with a tricky variety of shots, a bit like Murray. They’ve never met, so Federer’s facing the unknown.

    It won’t do to underestimate Nishikori, he needs to take care of business. But it’s his hometown and he wants to win.

    C’mon Roger!


  10. Interesting day in tennis. I’m going to start with the Djokovic/Nishikori match. Granted Novak is still injured but thats the point i want to make. I do like this young player Lei Nishikori, was so nice when he beat Novak, no grand gestures, very polite.Novak like Nadal doesn’t seem to be able to play a long hard season without injury. This gives our Roger a leg up for the rest of this year and 2012. Has anyone ever had Rogers endurance, no one comes to mind for me. Federer/wawrinka match was good, tie break had me a touch worried but Roger came thru and remained focused in second set. Roger, being the great sportsmen he is had to point out that he’d missed a shot and the point was actually Stans.It’s the greatest of joys to be a Roger Federer fan for any number of reasons.


  11. Roddick didn’t really do much right in this match. It was more of Roddick’s serve not being there, rather than Federer playing very good. I always hold a high respect for Roddick because there were many matches that could have been decided by a coin toss. I always consider Roddick a dangerous opponent for Federer especially on the fast surfaces when his serve is on. I won’t call him a pigeon or turkey for this reason. 2004 Wimbledon, 2006 Shanghai, 2007 US Open, 2009 Wimbledon, and many others. Those are a few of the matches I recall off hand that Roddick outplayed Federer or played equally as good and had chances to win but still lost. I think Roddick had match points in the Shanghai match and should have won in straight sets but ended up losing a 3-setter. I have a lot of respect for Roddick despite the lopsided H2H.

    On the other side of the draw, I’m completely stunned that Djokovic lost. Never would have seen it coming. He was up 6-2 and was totally dominating Nishikori. I turned the TV off, went out and later came back to see Djokovic had lost 2-6, 7-6, 6-0. Apparently Djokovic was unable to compete due a shoulder injury but he did not retire this time which is unusual for him.

    The final will be Federer vs Nishikori. They’ve never played before but this is the lucky break Federer needed to win a tournament. I think you have to go back to the 2003 Rome Masters for the last final Federer lost to a player who has never been ranked in the top 5. I think it will be a good test for Federer to keep it together mentally if he wins. On the flip side, losing the final to Nishikori could be a big nail in the coffin.


  12. Booya, it is NOT a lucky break for Federer if he wins this tournament! To echo Gertrude Stein: a championship is a championship is a championship. It is the Djoker’s problem, not Federer’s, that Nishikori defeated him. Whoever wins tomorrow, justly deserves the trophy. This goes for all tournaments, Major or minor. No asterisks after titles, please (the only valid exception would be if a champion was proven to be on drugs at the time of the title)…. As for the Djoker’s loss, I think this should lay to rest the-greatest-season-in-history claim. Yes, he has had a great season, but not the greatest. In the modern era, that would be Roger’s, with his dominant year in the mid 2000’s when he won over 90 matches, had only 4 losses, held 12 titles, including 3 Majors, AND was injury-free. The Djoker can not reach those results now. His match wins will probably be 20 less than Roger’s incredible year, and his total title count will most likely be less too. So once again, Roger is king.


    Susan Reply:

    Beautifully put Balthazar.

    Well said Balthazar!


    neil Reply:

    Balthazar, you are quite right not to put an “asterisk” after a title but luck is part of the game. From a net-cord that falls the right way on a big point to a draw that favours a player or sees a dangerous rival knocked out, that is often how matches and tournaments are decided. We know that is so because of the discussions we have had here about how the draw almost always puts Roger up against Djokovic in the semis in the grand slams, with Nadal on the other side as a likely finalist – that doesn’t help Roger but it does if one of those guys is injured or knocked-out (not to mention that “soft” draws that Nadal so often seems to have had in the big tournaments.) These days, it’s a pretty tall order for Roger (or anyone) to beat either of these two guys if they are in form. So you say it isn’t a “lucky break” for Roger that he faces Nishikori rather than (a healthy)Djokovic in the final? Or his nemesis in finals, Nadal? I don’t think Roger will be complaining – and nor would Roddick or Wawrinka if Roger had slipped in form or got injured in their respective matches. Sure, no “asterisks” for that, but luckly breaks still exist and can make all the difference.


    booya719 Reply:

    I did not say anything remotely close to that we needed to start putting asterisks next to titles. I merely stated that this was the lucky break Federer needed to get back into the win column. Federer has not gotten any good luck all year, be it a draw, in a match, or at any stage of a tournament. Luck is a large part of tennis and it often decides the winner of tournaments. Yeah Djokovic lost is his problem but it’s also Federer’s luck. When Federer beat Djokovic at the French Open, that was Nadal’s luck. Nadal also got lucky on set point in the first set of the final. He said it himself in the interview: “I got lucky.” Nadal got lucky at the French Open, Djokovic got lucky the US Open, and so on. Not every tournament is decided by the player with the best skill otherwise Federer would go undefeated every year until he retires. Luck is part of the game believe it or not.


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