Australian Open Day 12: Murray Survives Injured Raonic

Hi, folks. The second semi-final turned out to be a five-set affair with Murray surviving an injured Raonic 4-6, 6-4, 6-7(4), 6-4, 6-2. I think Raonic got injured again toward the end of the fourth set at which point his movements seemed to be severely impaired.

That’s a real shame because he obviously works very hard to improve and this is now the second time in a short space of time that he has injury problems. Just as he is fully recovered and takes his game to a new level he gets injured again.

That must be extremely frustrating and I wish him a quick recovery. He had a real shot at winning this and judging from the scoreline he was winning before he got injured. That’s a shame in terms of the final matchup as well.

Murray is a worthy final opponent but the Djokoray rivalry is not a classic one because their playing styles are so similar. And we have seen these two meet in the Australian Open final three times before already. Djokovic won in four sets in 2013 and 2015 and in straights in 2011.


They have also met in the semis in 2012 when Murray came the closest pushing Djokovic to five sets. So if Murray is gonna pull it off it will have to be a first but now he also had one fewer rest day than Djokovic and played a marathon against Raonic.

So it does look an awful lot like Djokovic will win a 6th Australian Open but nothing is ever certain in this sport. I will see what the deal is tomorrow and try to make a preview post. It is, after all, a slam final.

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I already said the Djokerer semi-final was the real final to me. As usual, they put up a great show and it would have been more fitting if they met in the final but that’s how it goes. Murray had a very solid season last year and deserved the number two ranking.

Do you think Federer prefers to keep meeting Djokovic in slam semis in the future or in the finals? I don’t think it matters much for either player. They just want to win. But for the fans, it’s probably better if they meet in the final.

One wonders how long Federer can keep making the latter rounds of slams and challenge Djokovic. It’s extraordinary that he is doing it at 34. The problem for him is that there doesn’t seem to be any progress as far as defeating Djokovic goes.


He keeps losing to Djokovic in four sets in slams and there is a big difference between losing in four sets to Djokovic and beating him. If it goes to five sets Djokovic is still easily the favorite. I do admire how Federer keeps coming back, though.

He has always been the eternal optimist and he will just keep coming back at him even if it means losing the next ten slam meetings. Of course, that won’t look very good in the head-to-head but other than that he doesn’t have much to lose.

All I know is Djokovic is not going anywhere. He is one determined individual and he won’t quit until he achieves what he set out to achieve.

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