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This post is mostly to my regular readers. I have never made a post about my blog and I don’t plan on doing it again. First of all I just want to give a special thanks to the loyal readers who have bookmarked my blog. Even though it’s not been the easiest of times for Roger on court since I started this blog I really enjoy writing it and I’m glad I started writing. As you may know english is not my first language and I have no prior writing experience in a professional sense. Considering that I’ve been surprised and pleased at how many people have read my blog. I think I use pretty basic english and there are many writers who can write more intellectually then me. But in the end you don’t have to use fancy words to get across your insights, although it may be more pleasing to the eye.

As you know I recently wasn’t sure if I would continue my blog. I wrote that in a post right after Roger lost for a second time in a month to Djokovic and in the same manner as before. Normally I wait a while just to let my emotions settle if Roger loses but on that occasion I felt the need to write immediately. So I guess I was a little overly emotional when I wrote that post, but I was also getting tired of someone I liked and respected being humiliated by someone like Djokovic, as I’m sure you were. Ever since that post I have really appreciated your comments about my blog and was pleasantly surprised at the loyal fans that Roger have. I also made my mind up that if Roger didn’t won another grand slam I would still like him just as much.

So I’m not planning on quitting this blog for a long time. But there is a favor I would like to ask you. Which is to Digg my posts when you get the chance. I asked you before as well but I think only one posts has been Dugg so far. For those of you who doesn’t know Digg, it’s a social bookmarking site where people share stuff they find on the internet. It takes about 5 minutes to join and to do a Digg takes about 5 minutes as well. It’s really easy. Just click on the button at the top right of every one of my posts that I’ve added recently and you will go straight to the Digg website. Every person can Digg any post once and the more times my posts get Dugg the more traffic I will get to my site, which in turn will help me to run a more profitable site.

I write this blog because I enjoy it and not for money, but money in the end may be necessary to continue the blog. If I must get an extra job I may not be able to watch Roger’s matches and keep you up to date the way I want to. Like I said this is a free service and I do it because I enjoy it(except when Roger loses :-) ). So it would be great if you can Digg my posts. It’s not like I’ll be mad if you don’t do it, because just the fact that you are reading my blog is pleasing to me. But I’d see it as a favor if you do it and I would be motivated to make this blog the best that it can be. Again I appreciate you reading my blog and I look forward to keep writing for you. And lets not forget who this blog is about. May Mr. Majestic return soon…

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  1. Hi! I do Digg your posts most of the time. I was wondering if you would mind my posting a link for yr blog on Federers facebook site.


  2. Did you Digg it before i put the button up? Yes i would appreciate if you post my link on Facebook, post my link anywhere you want. I thought about posting my link there once but i thought it might be seen as spam or something. Thanks! :D


  3. Ok because ive seen only one Digg from my posters so far, the others was me. It could be because i changed the buton. Thanks again :-)


  4. Wow, your English is great for it being your second language! I never have a problem understanding your posts or anything. I like your style of writing, in that it is easy to understand and easy to follow your line of thinking.

    I’ll check out Digg too. I’ve heard of it but never used it. Good luck, and thanks for blogging about Roger for us!


  5. Thanks JDub, as always i appreciate your great support :D What exactly is your website about, what is PHP and mySQL? Can you do website coding and stuff?


  6. You’re very welcome! My blog is for posting cool stuff I find while coding for my fulltime programming job. PHP and mySQL are two computer languages that are used to build web applications. So yes, I can do website coding. :-)


    Ru-an Reply:

    Thats awesome! Im clueless when it comes to coding lol. I want to put a picture of Roger in the top banner of my blog but first i cant turn the picture into the right size without blurring it, second i dont know how to host my own images and third i dont know where to put the code so the image shows up! Do you know how to do this?


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