Becker: “2006 was Even Better than 2015”


There was an interesting twist after Djokovic defeated Federer 6-3, 6-4 Sunday to win the World Tour Finals and cap off his season in style. Boris Becker made the above tweet claiming that Federer is the GOAT and that Federer’s 2006 season was even better than the season Djokovic chalked up this year.

If you read my previous post you will also remember that I said Djokovic’s 2015 season is now officially better than Federer’s 2006 season. That is of course just my opinion. But for interest sake let’s compare the two seasons. I couldn’t find a proper comparison anywhere online so I took the liberty of making one myself:

Federer 2006 Djokovic 2015
3 Slam titles 3
1 Slam Finals 1
1 World Tour Finals Titles 1
4 Masters 1000 Ttitles 6(Record)
1 ATP 500 Titles 1
3 ATP 250 Titles 0
92-5(94.84%) Win/Loss Record 82-6(93.18%)
19 Wins Over Top 10 Opponents 31(Record)
17 Tournaments Played 16
12 Titles 11
16 Finals 15
11 Consecutive Finals 15(Record)
63.7 Avg. Rank of Opponent 36.2
16.9 Avg. Rank of Opponent in Finals 4.8
15495 ATP Points Total 16585(Record)
$8,343,885 Prize money(for interest sake) $21,646,145(Record)

As you can see it is very close. Why did I say Djokovic’s season if officially better? One, the two more Masters Series titles. Two, the 9 more wins over top 10 opponents. Three, the ATP points total(Federer’s points have been adjusted for 2015).

Number three may be the most telling stat because it shows that even though Djokovic played one fewer event than Federer he still has more than a 1000 point lead over him. The reason Federer played only one more event than Djokovic but 10 more matches is because in 2006 the seeds still had to play 6 matches to win a Masters, as opposed to 5 today.


The finals were also best of five sets, not three sets like it is currently. So even though the number of matches you play must count for something the main thing is the win-loss percentage and the importance of the matches that you won.

As far as the win-loss percentages go there is nothing in it, but there is quite a lot in it when it comes to the importance of the matches won as evidenced by the 2 more Masters won by Djokovic and the 9 more wins over top 10 opponents.

If you want to argue that the best of five-set finals they played at Masters and the Masters Cup in 2006 gives Federer an advantage then I submit to you that Djokovic is both fitter and better at five-set matches than Federer was in 2006. He would arguably have won the Montreal and Cincy finals as well if they were best of five.

So yes, my honest opinion is that 2015 was better than 2006 if you go by the numbers alone. Then there is, of course, the competition to consider about which there will never be a consensus among tennis fans depending on which fanbase you are from.

If you want to make an argument that Federer’s era was stronger then I can easily make a counter argument that he kept losing to the only guy who was truly a good player. There were no really good players behind Nadal.

After Nadal, the top 5 were filled up by Roddick, Hewitt, and Davydenko. Currently, it is Murray, Federer, Wawrinka, and Nadal. That translates to 17-35 in slam titles won a difference of 18 slam titles in the two groups.

Anyway like I said it is pretty subjective so I will let the Fed supporters off the hook there and just look purely at the numbers, and going by that I have to go with Djokovic.

  • What About What Becker Said, You Say

No one fucks with Fed’s mind better than Becker. Lol Remember what he said after Wimby? ‘Yeah Novak rekt you there but you’re the GOAT man don’t worry.’ And then the SABR comments?! ‘Dont you pull off that shit on us.’

Becker knows perfectly when to apply cold showers and when to apply hot showers. When Fed is in ruins praise him, when he’s elated bring him down – thus keeping him always in a mediocre emotional state which in turn does not translate into proper motivation and willpower.

Sly fox this Becker. Nole fans need to relax this is most likely all part of the plan to usurp the GOAT throne.

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Becker’s tweet. I thought he was just being classy, but then I read the above post by someone on Men’s Tennis Forums and I remembered that Becker is not exactly known for his classiness. Not by Fedfans anyway.

Becker is thoroughly under the skin of Fedfans and after reading the above post I had to admit this guy had a point. Remember Becker said after the 2014 Wimbledon final that Federer is the GOAT. I even made a post about it.

Back then I thought Becker was just being nice. But then he began with what seemed almost like mind games. First it was his new book where he said that Federer and Djokovic don’t really like each other and that Federer could not possibly be as nice as he seems.

And then it was the SABR thing where Becker said it is almost disrespectful from Federer and that in his day they would not have allowed it. But let’s not forget that things get sensationalized by the media and that maybe Becker did not have any intention of getting under Federer’s skin in either of those situations.


That said, it certainly seemed to get under the skins of Fedfans on social media. I’m not going to sensationalize anything here. I will let you decide for yourself if Becker had a hidden agenda. As far as I’m concerned he may well have meant everything he said without an ulterior motive.

Then again, he did also say that the game lacks characters and maybe he is just trying to make things a little more interesting in this boring PR era. If that is indeed the case then I am all for it. Some controversy is always entertaining.

Whether Becker was trying to get under Federer’s skin or not, after all the defeats to Djokovic in big matches, he probably has regardless. Federer’s response to what Becker said suggest a certain amount of irritation as well.

So whether Becker meant it or not, I think by now he is well under Federer’s skin. So while I’m not going to say the post I quoted is a fact I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it is the case. It just seems like a plausible theory.

If it is indeed the case then Becker must be some kind of genius. An evil genius Fedfans would argue, but a genius nonetheless. It does appear to me like Becker is playing some kind of mind game with Federer and that Federer is taking the bait.

  • The Nadal Camp Used the Same Tactic Against Federer

Federer also appears to me like the kind of person who would be susceptible to that kind of mind games. He was always the one playing the mind games and now someone is turning the tables on him. How dare they!

In some ways, he takes himself very seriously and like I said what Becker says seems to irritate him a lot judging by his responses.

On the flip side, when Becker compliments him he probably feels flattered. That’s just who Federer is. He loves to be praised and hates to be criticized. As far as I can tell Becker knows this and may be consciously using that against him.

And if that is true, whether you like it or not, Becker is a pretty damn smart guy. One thing that can’t be denied is that it has worked for Djokovic. It seems that Becker is taking praise of Federer to a whole new level now. Not only is he calling Federer the GOAT but he is now saying that 2006 was better than 2015, even though the numbers tell a different story.

So instead of allowing Federer to be in complete ruins after yet another crushing moment against Djokovic he throws him and his fans a bone to keep them afloat. Just enough so that Federer doesn’t become really mad and motivated to turn things around.


We can’t be certain if this theory is true. Only Becker and the Djokovic camp would know for sure. But it certainly seems plausible. Becker may be taking advantage of Federer’s biggest weakness, which is his vanity.

We have seen how Nadal and his uncle has done it in the past by always praising Federer as the GOAT after Nadal gave him another crushing defeat. That way Federer never got so mad that he actually decided to change something.

The Nadal camp just kept him afloat by stroking his ego and Federer in return kept brining the same old tactics to the court against Nadal without adapting, which lead to more crushing losses and his main rival owning him at the end of the day. It was a great arrangement for the Nadal camp and a smart one at that(for that I give uncle Toni the credit).

Well, I think I have said enough about this issue. Let me know if you have anything to add.

  • Update

When I finished my post last night in the early morning hours two Djoker fans on Twitter, Cindy and JANE, informed me about two more stats namely the average rank of opponents and the average rank of opponents in finals which I since added to the table.

I found these stats to be very interesting and revealing so thank you to them. These stats clearly indicate that Djokovic’s competition was much stronger than Federer’s in 2006. Not only did his top rivals have 18 more slam titles under their belt but he played against much higher ranked competition.

I also added the records in brackets for Djokovic. With those two things added to the table, I realized truly for the first time what a ridiculous season this was. It almost dwarfs Federer’s 2006 season. And that only makes Becker’s comments that much more revealing…

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Djokovic Routines Federer to Chalk Up Arguably the Greatest Tennis Season Ever

Congrats to Djokovic on an unbelievable tennis season; maybe the best in history. Djokovic had already surpassed Federer’s points total of 2006, had by far most wins over to ten opponents in a season, won two more Masters than Federer in 2006, etc.

But he still needed to win today to make it official. Otherwise, there would have never been a consensus among tennis fans. This was Federer defending his 2006 season. He had one last shot to spoil Djokovic’s season, but he failed.

After the US Open, this could be another big moment in the GOAT debate. Djokovic is now very much on track to chasing Federer down. He is passing every test. He is surpassing Federer in every step along the way.

Vote to see what I referred to in my previous post

The 6-3, 6-4 beatdown today was another big moment. And let’s not act like it was a surprise. Anyone who took the round robin loss to Federer seriously and honestly believed that Federer was the favorite needs to wake the f*ck up.

As I speculated, that loss turned out to work in Djokovic’s favor. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he lost on purpose, but I just don’t think he was very inspired. It was a kind of turning point for him that put him on notice that he needs to be aggressive on these indoor courts.

Today he put on another absolute masterclass. I can’t praise this player enough. It is simply astonishing and extremely inspiring what he is doing. It is a shame that there are so many people still hung up on Federer and Nadal even that they can’t appreciate the absolute mastery they are privileged to witness on a tennis court.

One for the history books

And it is not just his tennis itself. It is the incredible confidence and mental fortitude this guy displays on a tennis court. The higher the stakes the better he gets. The air was thick with tension once again in this match.

My heartbeat goes up just watching them warm up. Imagine what they must feel like. And yet the more stressful the situation gets the more inspired Djokovic becomes. The composure and self-control he displays is something to behold.

As I speculated before the match, every part of his game was just on another level since that round robin meeting. He was hitting the ball hard and deep, giving Federer way fewer opportunities to take control of the points.

  • The Match

Federer entered the court first again as the lower ranked player and right away he was on Djokovic’s chair again. Big mistake. You don’t do that to a player who keeps spanking your ass in slam finals. You take the humble pie and sit where you are supposed to sit.

But hey, it’s Federer. I guess he just can’t help himself. Then in the opening game he goes a break point down but Djokovic fails to convert. Djokovic then faces a break point on his own serve and saves it.

Judging from the opening two games I thought this was going to be a very close match. But then almost like clockwork Djokovic breaks in the next game which sets the tone for another win over Federer in a big final.


Think Becker was happy with his birthday present?

Djokovic was obviously nervous at the start. You could tell by the fact that he was not yet unleashing the backhand down the line. But he soon opened his shoulders with a backhand down the line winner toward the end of the first set.

Ominous signs. At 5-3 he broke Federer for the second time to win the first set. Very ominous signs.

The second set was a closer affair where Federer did well to avoid getting broken and the crowd doing everything in their power to aid him. At 4-3 Djokovic started to look really threatening as he went up 40-0 on Federer’s serve.


How champions finish

Federer then played some very good tennis to save his serve and level at 4-4 as the crowd erupted. They believed it was a turning point in the match. Even the commentator suggested it. They were excited.

But in no time Djokovic silenced them with a love hold of his own to take a 5-4 lead. The break was starting to look inevitable and Federer finally double-faulted at 30-40 in the next game as Djokovic forced him into submission.

Federer challenged the call in desperation, but the writing was on the wall. The ball was well long and Djokovic didn’t even celebrate much.

  • Final Thoughts

This was another telling victory against Federer which squares the head-to-head again at 22-22. It also puts the head-to-head for 2015 at 5-3 in Djokovic’s favor having won the important matches at Indian Wells, Rome, Wimbledon, the US Open, and World Tour Finals again.

But this particular loss had to really hurt for Federer. He was clearly very enthusiastic after his routine round robin win over Djokovic. This was the one big event where he still fancied his chances against Djokovic after all the slam final losses.

It was indoors and best of three which made him feel like the match was still on his racquet and that he wouldn’t get tired. At least that was the false impression he was under after an uninspiring performance from Djokovic in the round robin match.

But in a devastating display today Djokovic turned the tables on him and repaid the favor by crushing him in straight sets when it really mattered. The effect that must have on Federer’s morale can’t be very positive.

I mean Djokovic made it look easy. He now owns Federer. I’m not sure Federer will ever beat him again. He may develop a mental block like he did against Nadal.

Vote again!

Federer has to play his absolute best tennis just to make the match competitive. If he got broken at 3-4 and 0-40 in the second set it would have been another thrashing like the semis.

Djokovic is now not only the anti-Nadal but the anti-Fedal. He now has these two all-time greats thoroughly under control. They won’t get in his way in the next few years to rack up slams.

There is conceivably no one that will get in his way in the next few years to rack up slams. This was just a massive year for him in the GOAT debate because his dominance is absolute with no one on the horizon to seriously threaten his reign.

With the position he is currently in, seven slams don’t sound like much. He should be able to get it in the next three years. But the main one at this point is still the French Open. All efforts will now go toward finally putting that one to bed next year.

Winning the French would be another big turning point for him. It is a bit of a burden at this point and once he wins it he will be unleashed some more.

With his fifth World Tour Finals title today, Djokovic also set a record for most consecutive World Tour Finals titles at four.

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Djokovic vs Federer is On in London

  • Djokovic vs Nadal

So as expected Djokovic raised his level for the knockout stage of the World Tour Finals and crushed Nadal 6-3, 6-3 in a masterclass. This was now the business end of the event and no more Mr. Nice Guy.

His intentions were clear from the start: no more passive pushing like against Federer. He ripped right through the best defense in tennis early on with several winners to break Nadal and take the initiative.

It was clear that the real Djokovic showed up today. He plays his best tennis when he needs to. Simple as that. This was Djokovic at his best and no one has ever played tennis at a higher level. Simply unplayable.


Nadal looks like a complete amateur out there who is just along for the ride. He had a terrific tournament, but Djokovic put him down like a wounded animal. He even got the second break at 5-3 in the second set for good measure.

The efficiency and utter self-confidence from Djokovic is the most impressive thing that has ever been seen on a tennis court. He simply goes out there and takes control of the match with quality that can’t be matched.

This match meant that Djokovic has won 9 out of the last 10 matches with Nadal which is becoming some serious ownage. And Nadal doesn’t even seem to be close to having a solution.

I think this is also the first time the rivalry has been tied(23-23).

  • Federer vs Wawrinka

After the routine beatdown of the first semi-final, I expected a much more competitive second semi-final but it disappointed. Federer won 7-5, 6-3 in a pretty low-quality match. Stan got the first break but quickly imploded like a good boy to drop the first set.

He turns into a complete mental midget when he plays Federer. Not that Federer didn’t do his part to win. We know by now he is a quality indoor player. But after Stan got the early break you would think he will get confidence from it.


The opposite is truer. It seems like he feels guilty for breaking his buddy’s serve and then hands it right back. Then even hands him the second break, the set, and the match for good measure.

I’m not complaining. I was hoping for a Djokerer final.

  • Final Preview

Even though I think the round robin loss to Federer didn’t mean much, Djokovic still has to win the final to make it meaningless. Djokovic does not feel like losing two consecutive matches to Federer at this point.

Of that, you can be certain. And I actually think having lost the first encounter works in his favor. As we have seen at Wimby and the US Open, the hype around Federer has already started again.

I just saw a poll on twitter which had two-thirds of people voting Federer as the winner. All it took to forget everything that happened at SW19 and New York and to reignite their enthusiasm was an almost entirely irrelevant round robin match.

I hope these people are just voting for who they want to win and don’t actually believe that Federer will win because this time they are gonna be seriously crushed if Federer loses. At some point, you have to learn and say ok maybe there is a pattern here.

This is starting to look an awful lot like New York. Djokovic was not impressing early on and Fedfans were getting their hopes up. Then Djokovic crushes Cilic and all of a sudden they are not so sure anymore.

Next Federer crushes Stan in the semis and all of a sudden the hype train is in full flow again, only to ride over the cliff in the final and go crashing down way below with all the Fedfans up in smoke.

Does Federer have a chance? Of course, he does! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be playing the match. The point is that we have seen this scenario play out so many times that only a fool would actually believe Federer is the favorite.

Yes, I think Djokovic is going to win. He is the most dominant athlete in world sports today and at the peak of his powers, playing the best tennis that has ever been played. The level he displayed against Nadal was unreal while Federer just gratefully accepted the gift from his friend Stan.

When Djokovic sees Federer across the net he goes into another zone. Even more so than against Nadal, because at least Nadal didn’t treat him with utter disdain in the past. I see Federer sat on Djokovic’s chair again in their round robin match.

These things don’t go unnoticed by Djokovic. He doesn’t show it, but he makes a mental note of it. Then uses it to psyche himself up the next time he plays Federer.

In my opinion, it is not an intelligent move by Federer given all the brutal beatdowns he suffered at the hands of Djokovic recently but I guess he has to try something. He tried the SABR and that didn’t work.


Now he’s got the beard going. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be another ‘trump card’ but like I said he may as well try something different. He loses all the important matches anyway. Now he has one more shot to win a relatively big match and at least salvage some pride after another year of losing big matches to Djokovic.

There is nothing he can do now to get the Wimbledon and US Open titles but losing yet another big final to Djokovic will make the ownage complete. The round robin victory would all of a sudden seem utterly meaningless and Djokovic’s domination of the tennis world will be absolute.

Expect Djokovic to come out in rampant form and crush everything in sight. Like he did against Nadal he will make his intentions clear. Again, I think the fact that he lost the round robin match works in his favor.

He likes the Federer hype because he enjoys silencing the fanatics and being the underdog. Less pressure. Expect an entirely different Djokovic from the first encounter. A different player altogether. He absolutely relishes these matches. It’s what he lives and breathes for.

Not for some insignificant round robin match. As for Federer, he will try to do what he does best which is to serve well and play attacking tennis. He will try to replicate what he did in the round robin match but if he expects the same result he is in for a surprise.

I expect Djokovic to do everything better and be way more offensive. He will return better and have Federer on the back foot way more often. It will be a lot harder for Federer to serve bot and dominate proceedings.

And all it will take for Federer to be back on his heels is for Djokovic to play a blistering couple of opening games that makes his intentions clear, the way he did at the US Open. So I think once again the opening couple of games will set the tone for the match.

I am prepared for either result anyway. If Djokovic wins I will get a massive kick out of it as usual but if he loses I will be happy for Federer that he finally salvaged something from another year of losing the most important matches to Djokovic.

Whatever happens this has been another unbelievable year for Djokovic and he got into double digits in slam titles which is the main thing. The rest is just gravy.

Also, this will be Federer’s best shot to beat Djokovic in a big final. It is indoors and best of three which helps him out physically. It’s not a slam but at this point he has to settle for second best.

These two have of course met in the World Tour Finals final before in 2012 when Djokovic won in straight sets.

I am looking forward to a good match and relishing the occasion.

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