Federer Takes Wild Card at Monte Carlo


Hi, guys. I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s just been a hectic time. I am in Krabi for the Thai Songkran holidays and things have finally settled down enough for me to make a post. I was glad to hear that Roger took a wild card in Monte Carlo, an event he has skipped in the last two years. At first I thought he added the event to his schedule because he wants to make another serious run at the French Open to see if he can win his second career slam. After losing the 2011 final to Nadal, it seemed like he kind of took the clay season less seriously. He had chances in that match to beat Nadal but failed for the fourth time against him in the Roland Garros final. In 2012 and 2013 he played only three events in the clay season.

So I was kind of hoping he was thinking of making another serious run at the French Open title, especially with Nadal looking fragile, but it is rumored that Mirka will give birth during the Madrid/Rome stretch. And of course Roger said he wanted to be present this time when Mirka gives birth so it looks like he added Monte Carlo to his schedule because he is going to miss some tennis. I am a little out of the loop with tennis at this point so correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the last I’ve heard. Of course, the birth of your child is a big event and you can’t blame Roger for wanting to be present, especially since he missed the birth of the twins if I remember correctly. But at the same time it would have been nice if he played three events in the lead up to Paris instead of two.


I’m not saying he can’t make a serious run at the French Open now, but I’m not sure it will be enough if he only plays one warm up event to Paris. I just think Nadal is looking vulnerable and he has never won the French five times in a row. If there was a chance of him losing early again in Paris it would probably be this year. But of course Djokovic is also there and he desperately wants to win that elusive French Open and complete the career slam himself. He is back to his best after winning Indian Wells and Miami and I think this could well be his year at the French. He is also playing Monte Carlo and Roger is in his half of the draw. Of course, Roger is back in the top 4 which helps him a lot with draws.

His draw in Monte Carlo is probably as good as it gets. He will play Stepanek in the second round who defeated Karlovic and then Janowicz if Janowicz gets that far. Janowicz have been poor this season, and so has Tsonga who he faces in the quarters if Tsonga gets that far. It’s more likely that Roger will face Fognini in the quarters, who defeated a very capable clay courter in Sousa today. If Roger’s recent form is anything to go by he should make semis anyway. Then of course Djokovic will be a very difficult opponent. A Nadal/Djokovic final would be interesting. Nadal probably needs the title more than Djokovic after he has struggled of late. He needs to resurrect his season on clay as he usually does, but I think Djokovic could make it difficult for him like he did in 2011.

Roger will play his first match on Wednesday.

Federer Clinches Davis Cup Tie for Switzerland in Deciding Rubber Against Kazakhstan

Hi folks. If you read my comments you would know by now that I’ve been teaching English at a summer camp in Thailand for the last week. It’s been extremely hectic so I had no time for posting. I did try to follow some of the Davis Cup this weekend, even though my connection was way too weak to watch a proper stream. The Swiss were playing at home in Geneva and Stan was first up on Sunday as the Swiss number one against Kukushkin in the reverse singles. I guess it was not all that much of a surprise when Stan lost to Golubev in four sets given his recent form. This put the Swiss under pressure from the start. It was up to Roger to tie things up against the Kazakhstan number one Kukushkin, and he did just that by routining Kukushkin in straight sets.

Saturday’s doubles was therefor going to be an important match. Fedrinka was up against Golubev and Nedovyesov. I watched some of this match as my stream was half watchable, and I wasn’t exactly impressed with what I saw. Stan was struggling again and Stan and Roger seemed to be out of sync. Something didn’t feel right. I could not see much however so I’m gonna rely on you to correct me and fill in the blanks. I do know that at one set all Roger and Stan was serving for the third set at 5-3 and 30-0. Or so I heard anyway. If that is true then it was basically unacceptable to lose this match. But they did so in 4 sets. It was a real disappointing performance from the former Olympic gold medalists.

Swiss GOAT digging out the win for his country

But like I said something felt off to me and maybe the fact that Stan was the number one player instead of Roger had an effect. From Roger’s comments I always conclude that him and Stan are very good friends, but then I sometimes hear something different from Stan. In tennis there are no real friends anyway because you compete against each other. A lot of these so-called friendships are just appearances. That is why I don’t rate Davis Cup very highly. It is a team sport whereas tennis is an individual sport. You depend on others and you are not in complete control. I’m not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but it is not how it works in tennis. So Stan and Roger ended up losing the match in 4 sets.

Once again the Swiss were under pressure and it was finally time for Stan to step up. To his credit he did just that, even though he dropped the first set. He then recovered to win the match in 4 sets. It was up to Roger again to set things right and he made it look easy with a straight set win over Golubev to clinch the win for Switzerland. He was never in trouble. He broke in the first set and got broken back only to win the first set in a tie break, and from there on it was smooth sailing. Once again Roger showed his class and I think it is fair to say that he is the real Swiss number one going by current form. His form is still very encouraging while Stan has been a disappointment since he won the Australian Open.

Allez Swiss!