More Thoughts on the 2012 Australian Open

There is so much left that I want to say about what transpired the last two weeks in Melbourne. I feel like I can write seven more posts about it. It really was one of the best slams I’ve ever watched. Roger was in great form before he imploded against Nadal again, Murray came to the party in a big way, and the final was one for the ages. These are just a few of the highlights. There were many other like the Tomic/Dolgopolov match, Berdych’s impressive match against Nadal, and Hewitt’s good run at 30 after having been plagued by injuries. But let me get back to my last post for a second. I was quite surprised by some of the reactions to it. I thought I was being extremely honest and unbiased and felt proud about it, yet I was met with a lot of resistance by some of my readers. On the other hand, there were some of you who thought it was an excellent post.

That is what I though too and I still do. I think I have been too biased and predictable in the past. All of you were probably expecting me to make a post saying how ridiculous it was that Djokovic and Nadal could play such a match and insinuate all kinds of things. Also you probably expected I was mainly gonna post about how happy I was that Djokovic stopped Nadal from winning another slam and therefor protected Roger’s legacy. While I was very happy about that and in a great mood after the match, I felt there was a more pressing issue to deal with. Of course I would have loved to make a post just saying how happy I was that Djokovic owned Nadal even more, and that this was probably Nadal’s worst defeat ever. There is a lot more to be said about that, but first I had to get something that was bothering me out of the way.

I felt Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray really left it all out there on the battlefield, but somehow Roger did not. In a sense he folded like a cheap tent against Nadal again, after being in incredible form against Karlovic, Tomic, and Del Potro. I already summed up in my previous post how in every set he let opportunities slip. He was also spraying errors from his favorite forehand side all over the place. We know he has a mental block against Nadal, which causes some of these things to happen. But lets look at how Nadal fared against Djokovic. Nadal already lost in six consecutive finals to Djokovic before the Australian Open final. Of those six finals two were in straight sets on his favorite clay, and two were in grand slam in four sets. I predicted that there was basically no way for Nadal to win this match.

And at 3-4 and 0-40 on his serve in the fourth set, it looked like this would be yet another routine four set win for Djokovic. Yet incredibly Nadal held serve and forced the tie break. In the tie break he was once again two points away from defeat at 3-5, but won the  next four points to take the fourth set. What happened to Roger in the fourth set when he had break back points? Nadal made a ridiculous lob, Roger lost his cool, and steered and easy base line smash wide. It is like he said: “Ok I hand it to you. That lob was just too good. Here you can have the match. You deserve it.” I don’t care how good the shot was from the other guy. If you have a play on the ball you make the best of it. This happened in the US Open against Djokovic last year too. Roger lost his cool after Djokovic made that unreal return.

He still had a match point after that but then missed a regulation shot and served a double to drop serve. He also dropped serve again thereafter. In other words he disappeared. Djokovic made one amazing shot and Roger said: “Too good old friend. Here, the match is yours.” Again, I am not trying to say that Roger sucks or anything. I was amazed when some people said in their comments that I said Roger had ‘no balls’. I never said that. I was merely comparing him to the best in the mental department and he was found wanting. Now there is the other issue to consider which is the doping. No, I did not forget. Lets assume for a second both Djokovic and Nadal is doping and Roger is not. We don’t know that for sure which is why I say we assume it. The lob that Nadal made against Roger may be due to doping because it was almost impossible to even reach the ball.

But still. Even if it was from doping, was that a reason for Roger to miss the smash? A true champion must play through the pain, even if they know their opponent has an unfair advantage. Lets look at the return Djokovic hit. Was that because of doping? Clearly not. That was just pure talent and confidence. Or if you want to call it a fluke you are welcome to call it that too. It doesn’t matter. The fact is Roger let it rattle him again. He completely fell flat after that shot after having fought for five sets to finally get to match point. Now before you get all depressed on me again and say that I think Roger has no balls, let me just debunk that notion off the bat. Roger did have a lot of mental strength to win 16 majors and break almost every record there is to break. But the mental part of his game is not his strength.

There are three aspects to the game as far as I’m concerned. Physical, mental, and skill/talent. Talent or skill wise Roger is just about perfect. Physical and mental are very closely connected. Roger is very good in the physical department, but Djokovic and Nadal is even better. They are also better in the mental department. For those of you who said that doping and mental strength are connected I do agree. But it is a shallow mental strength because it was acquired through dishonest means. True mental strength is backing yourself even when the odds are stacked against you, like for instance when you know your opponent has an unfair advantage over you. So even if Roger thinks Nadal and Djokovic has an unfair advantage over him, it doesn’t give him a reason to give up when they make an unreal shot.

I am just calling it as I see it folks. That doesn’t mean Roger is not the GOAT or anything. He is still miles ahead of Nadal and Djokovic. It also doesn’t mean he is not my favorite player of all time. But there is a point that must be firmly grasped about my blog. It is first of all a tennis blog. No player is bigger than the sport itself, not even Roger. Tennis came before Roger and it will be there after Roger is gone. I myself was a tennis fan long before Roger came along and I will be a tennis fan long after he is gone. I don’t believe I will ever be as big a fan of anyone as I am of Roger, but I will still be a fan of other players. I am for instance a fan of Djokovic. I like his game(although not as much as Roger’s) and I like how clutch he is. I also like the fact that he is protecting Roger’s legacy. It almost makes sense to support him as a Fedfan.

He is the nemesis of Roger’s nemesis. It is almost impossible not to like him if you are a Fedfan. He is doing everything to Nadal that Roger could never do, and I am very grateful that he is protecting Roger’s legacy. There has always been bad blood between Roger and Djokovic but I am hoping Roger will change his attitude towards Djokovic. If it wasn’t for Djokovic Nadal would be on 13 slams now and on his way to crushing Roger’s slam record. Djokovic is also a very good sportsman. He takes losses very well and doesn’t show any bitterness afterwards. Roger is a better sportsman on the court but we have seen that he can be pretty bitter at the handshake and in the press afterwards. Like after he lost to Djokovic at the US Open last year. He acted as if that return from Djokovic was pure luck, while in truth he was in denial about the fact that he checked out mentally after that shot.

Take a look at this thread at MTF. No, I did not start that thread. But it may as well have been me since I agree with everything the thread starter says. Djokovic is Roger’s best friend whether he would like to admit it or not. Nadal would have become the GOAT without Djokovic. He only had to win 16 slams, which he would have easily done without Djokovic, and he would have already been the GOAT with his head-to-head against Roger. I also agree that Roger will probably not beat Nadal in a slam again. If he wants to win a slam, someone needs to take out Nadal. Don’t worry Fedfans, I’m not writing Roger off. His form was very good before he played against Nadal and I am still optimistic about his year. But if he wants to beat the likes of Nadal and Djokovic again he needs to make some drastic mental adjustments. More so against Nadal than Djokovic.

Just to make it clear, I am not now all of a sudden a Djokovic fan and writing Roger off. I know how quickly some people jump to conclusions. Roger will always be my favorite player. He has the best game to watch in the history of the sport. I have always preferred attacking, first strike tennis over defensive, counter punching tennis. I also like Roger’s integrity. In other words I like everything that Nadal is not. I am a fan of Djokovic because he does play good offensive tennis, although it is not as good as Roger’s. I also like that he is a good sportsman. Finally I like the fact that he is a character. I find his personality entertaining. To me it makes perfect sense to be a Djokovic fan if you are a Fedfan. But I am not here to tell who anyone should be a fan of. This is still a Federer blog and I am hoping Roger can pick up another slam before he retires.

Let me just say a few more things about being a tennis fan. It seems to me there are a lot of Fedfans who will stop following tennis when Roger retires. I just want to make it clear that I am not that kind of tennis fan. Tennis moves on and it keeps fascinating me. Roger hardly makes any slam finals these days, but I still love seeing Djokovic owning Nadal in them. It makes sense to me to be a Djokovic fan because he is owning Roger’s nemesis and he is protecting his legacy, while at the same time I like his game. This is the way tennis moves on. There is always someone to be a fan of. If someone quits watching tennis because Roger is not around anymore, it just shows they were never really a fan of tennis. Believe me Roger is still gonna follow the game when he retires because he loves the sport. It is the same for me and I hope it will be the same for you.


Djokovic Defeats Nadal in Epic Australian Open Final and Protects Federer’s Legacy

Well it’s all over folks. The 2012 Australian Open is history and the pre tournament favorite was triumphant. But it was anything but a walk in the park. This must have been one of the hardest won slam titles in history. Ok so there have been players who played more sets during a title run, but Djokovi’c last four matches was all physically tough. The last two were especially tough. It was hard to believe that there could be a more grueling, dramatic match than the semi against Murray, but the final topped it. And by quite a margin. The Djokoray semi was 4 hours 50 minutes long while the final was 5 hours 53 minutes, the longest slam final in history. Roger said before the match that it could be an all time classic, and he was right as usual. He doesn’t often get it wrong, does he? This was without a doubt one of the most dramatic grand slam finals in history.

This was two ultimate warriors battling it out for a place in history. Doping or not, you have to respect the way these two were prepared to give their last breath for grand slam glory. There is not a shred of quitting or fear in either of these men. Djokovic started out slowly, spreading errors all over the place. Even though he came back from an early break he was broken again to drop the first set. You felt if Nadal was going to have a chance he had to win the first set. Djokovic seemed to be asleep in the first set. Maybe he was still tired from his semi-final with Murray, or maybe he was complacent. At the start of the second set Djokovic’s poor form continued and I was starting to get worried. Thankfully he soon got the break and took a 5-2 lead. However, Djokovic dropped serve at 5-3 when he served a double fault. NOT GOOD.

Nadal was back in the set. If he won the second set I am sure he would have won the match, so I was pretty disgusted that he dropped serve. Already the drama had started. Thank heavens Djokovic broke in the next game after a double fault from Nadal. Set all. In the third set Djokovic continued with his impressive play and got a break early on. He then broke Nadal to love at 5-2 with a cracking forehand winner up the line to win the  third set. He would also start serving again in the fourth set. At this point it looked like Djokovic had this title in the bag. In the first set his first serve percentage was below 50% and he was upping it with every set. It looked like this would be another comfortable four set win for Djokovic over his favorite whipping boy. At 4-3 and 40-0 on Nadal’s serve Djokovic had a chance to break and seal the deal.

I thought it was all over, but incredibly Nadal fought back and held serve. Major moment in the match. Holding serve there gave Nadal a huge boost as was expected, while I felt Djokovic might have let the match slip away there. Nadal looked more and more threatening. Even so Djokovic still had a 5-3 lead in the fourth set breaker. But yet again Nadal would fight back and win it 7-5. Unreal. The momentum was now on Nadal’s side and I felt like he was the favorite to win the match. Djokovic looked tired and emotionally drained at the start of the fifth set. He really looked out of it, which was understandable. When Nadal got the break to take a 4-2 lead it looked like a done deal. I felt like Djokovic had lost the match in the fourth set when he had the 40-0 lead on Nadal’s serve. Nadal looked to be cruising home at 30-15 on his serve and an easy backhand down the line coming up.

He just had to steer the ball down the line and Djokovic would have no chance, but he steered it wide. That was another huge moment in the match because Djokovic went on to break back to make it 4-3. Djokovic had made another great escape. Nadal was still serving first however which gave him a slight advantage. There was still no telling who would win this match. Unreal tension. At 5-5 Djokovic somehow managed to get the break, to my huge delight. Surely this time he would hold serve, which he did. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was just unreal how Nadal kept fighting. I mean the guy simply does not know when he is beaten. This is an aspect of the game where he is on another level than Roger. To come back after six consecutive final defeats to Djokovic in this fashion was unbelievable. He has my respect for that.

In his presser after the match Nadal was actually optimistic about this defeat. And who can blame him? It was the same as the Djokoray match in the sense that it was a positive loss. Both Nadal and Murray should gain confidence from their losses because they left it all out there and lost to an incredibly clutch player. Djokovic deserves massive respect for winning this match after that five setter with Murray. It is once again that x factor I spoke of. He just finds a way to get the job done against some of the best opposition in history. This brings me to Roger. While the rest of the top four all left it all out there on the court, the same can’t be said for Roger. Every time he went a break up against Nadal he surrendered serve immediately. After he won the all important first set he all but disappeared in the second set. In the third set breaker which was a pivotal point in the match he went down 6-1 in double quick time.

In the fourth set when he had break points to get back into the match, Nadal made an incredible lob and Roger tamely steered the smash wide. This is not an attempt to bash Roger. It is simply pointing out reality. I never thought I’d say this, but even Murray may be stronger in the mental department than Roger these days. As for Djokovic and Nadal they are in a different league altogether. It is the easiest thing in the world to bring up the doping issue now. But to me that is just denial. It shows unwillingness to look reality in the eye, which is that Roger doesn’t measure up in the mental department. This blog has always been about the truth and that will never change. There is way too much talk about doping in my opinion. There is a time and place for everything. But when doping is used as a a cover up for the truth, it becomes destructive.

You know as well as me that Roger lets himself down against Nadal. The same can’t be said for Nadal when he plays Djokovic. Nadal lost six consecutive finals to Djokovic(five was maximum for Roger against Nadal), yet he still came back from being 0-40 down on his serve in the fourth set and almost won the match. The time has come to give Nadal his dues. I don’t like his on court personality. I even despise it. But he has something which Roger does not have: balls of steel. That is simply reality and there is no way around it. And I had enough of the doping issue. Djokovic is just as likely to dope as Nadal which means the playing field was even. There are no more excuses. If Roger ever wants to beat Nadal in a slam again, him and his fans have to face up to reality. Blaming it on doping will only make things worse.

Roger is very lucky here that Djokovic beat Nadal. If Nadal won he would be well on his way to taking down Roger’s slam record. He is lucky that Djokovic is around to protect his legacy. If Djokovic was not around Nadal would be on 13 slams now, and would track Roger’s record down in no time. Of course I am happy about this, but it is time to give Nadal his dues too. He has beaten Roger time and time again on the big stage simply because he has bigger balls. He is not nearly as talented as Roger, yet he finds a way to beat him time and time again. The Fedal rivalry is something with a long and complex history, and I am not here to criticize Roger about it. I am simply giving credit where it’s due after what I saw once again today. Roger needs to see a psychologist, or he will soon drop out of the top three.



Australian Open Final Preview: Nadal Unsettled?

As promised I am back with my final preview, but first I will take a look back at the Djokoray semi that was played yesterday. I predicted that Djokovic would win this in four sets and that it would be a tougher match than last year’s final. I just felt that the Murray/Lendl partnership was a good one and Murray looked confident and relaxed as the draw progressed. In the end Murray surpassed even my expectations as he came very close to winning the match. Djokovic won 6-3, 3-6, 6-7(4), 6-1, 7-5. The match started out looking like it was gonna be a poor quality match and another easy win for Djokovic, but it was anything but that. It was a high quality marathon in the end with loads of drama. It was really a titanic struggle that could have gone either way. In the end you have to give Djokovic a lot of credit for pulling this one out of the fire.

In a sense it is difficult to be a tennis writer these days, because it would be naive to assume that there is no doping going on in tennis. Djokovic could easily be doping, in which case it would be much harder to give him credit for battling it out. It is of course much easier to hang in there when you know the steroids will come to your rescue. You have an unfair advantage over your opponent. And as you well know I am not the kind of writer who can just pretend that everything if fine and dandy. Other of the prominent tennis journos won’t even dare bring the issue up, because it could tarnish their reputation. Reputation is important, but truth is even more important. If bad things are kept under wraps it will never change. It will only change once the light of truth shines upon it. And before people go nuts again – I am not accusing anyone of doping.

But being naive or ignorant about the situation is not the way to go either. I didn’t wana bring up the doping issue after the Fedal semi because I am emotionally involved and I didn’t wana make it look like I was looking for excuses. I completely accept that loss as if Nadal is not doping. But you can’t always turn a blind eye either. I will also probably be criticized now for bringing up the issue again, but I can’t just ignore all the suspicions either. I don’t think there would be so much talk about doping in tennis if there wasn’t any. No doubt there is a lot of sore losers out there who are looking for excuses when their favorite lose, but not all people are that biased. There are genuine signs of doping in tennis. The biggest cause of concern are the doping control regulations. If the regulations were thorough and strict there would be no cause for concern.

But unfortunately the doping controls make it possible for players to dope, and if there is an opening you can be 100% certain that some players would take advantage. Most of these things are concealed however because there is just too much at stake. It is a sad state of affairs but let me get on with my post. I just felt like I had to raise the issue again, because it is a reality. I will continue to assume that certain players are not doping because there is no proof, but I do have my suspicions. Anyway Djokovic looked pretty much down and out several times during this match. During the third set he showed serious signs of tiring. I remember a shot from Murray that came back and Djokovic walked to the ball. He didn’t run. He walked. We had seen similar scenes during the match he had with Ferrer, but this was worse.

Roger Rasheed, the ex coach of Monfils, said during the third set on twitter that Murray had won the physical battle and gave the impression that it was all over for Djokovic. I guess you couldn’t blame him for saying so, but I was more circumspect. I had seen this act from Djokovic before and he did not win three slams last year for no reason. Even when Murray won the third set I was not writing him off. First of all I wanted Djokovic to win, but also I just couldn’t count him out. He then came alive in the fourth set and basically blasted Murray off the court. It was quite a surprising transformation, but I wasn’t complaining. I just wanted him to face Nadal in the final. As well as Murray was playing, I would rather have Djokovic in the final who has proven to be Nadal’s nemesis. Nadal has owned Murray at slam level as well and I didn’t wana leave Nadal’s fate up to him.

In the fifth set Djokovic was up a break at 5-2. It looked like it was all over but Murray broke back, and at 5-5 he failed to take advantage of several break points. It really was an incredibly dramatic match. But in the end Djokovic just found that something extra which saw him have one of the best tennis seasons in history in 2011. He is number one for a reason. Doping or no doping, I like the fact that he finds a way to win. There is something very clutch about him these days. I call it the X factor. He has that something extra which is needed to be the best. It’s that something that makes you ask ‘How did he manage to win this match?’ Murray looked in control for large parts of this match, but Djokovic just managed to snatch it away from him. Another good example of this is when Roger was in control against Djokovic at the US Open last year.

Djokovic was down and out but he came up with that unreal return out of nowhere which stunned Roger. I don’t think this is something that doping can help you do anyway. It is a certain belief in yourself that comes from winning a lot of matches on the big stage. Doping can help you win a lot of matches, but I don’t see how it could help you hit a return like that in a moment like that. It requires unreal confidence in your own abilities. Whatever the case may be, Djokovic once again made the great escape. Therefor I cannot possibly say that Murray choked like he usually does. I was very impressed with Murray in fact. He has already undergone a transformation under Lendl in my opinion. His boy language was more professional than usual and he was playing attacking tennis for once. He lost by a hair breadth to the very best and he should be proud about that.

Ok so it wasn’t a grand slam final, but I still thinks this bodes very well for Murray. I think he will win a slam in the near future. He is right there with the best and this match will give him confidence. This match wasn’t like previous big losses where it crushed him mentally. He played with balls for a change and I think this will only make him play with more belief. There are losses where you let yourself down, and then there are losses where you give everything and the other guy was just too good. The prior dents your confidence while the latter actually builds your confidence. Yes, it is possible to gain confidence from a loss. It looks like Murray is right up there with the top three now and that will make things even more interesting at the top. Now let me get to my preview of the final.

Like I said, I was rooting for Djokovic all the way to beat Murray because he has proven his ownership over Nadal. The numbers don’t lie. Six final spankings including two clay events and two slams is an awful lot of ownage. No wonder Nadal appears nervous about the final. He had the following to say about Djokovic’s performance against Murray:

“It’s funny, no? I saw the match yesterday on the TV show on the channel seven when he was in the fifth set moving fantastically well, and they show images from two hours fifty (minutes) before and seems like he was destroyed,” the 10-times grand slam champion said on Saturday.

“Two hours fifty later he was in perfect condition. So it is difficult to imagine that he has these problems. I don’t know.”

Nadal is implying that it was gamesmanship from Djokovic’s side. This strikes me as both ironic and nervous talk from Nadal. Ironic because Nadal uses the same kind of gamesmanship. How often have Nadal been down in a match, called an MTO, and then ran around like superman afterwards? Nadal is the finest exponent of these kind of mind games, so coming from him this is pretty rich. He is the last person that should be criticizing Djokovic here. It just shows you that he is not quite as humble as he appears. It also appears nervous to me because it looks like he is trying to start a war of words. If someone owns you this is not a wise thing to do. It is better to keep quiet and let your racquet do the talking. But maybe Nadal really believes in his chances and he figured a little mind games won’t hurt.

But this is not the only strange thing that Nadal said. He also said the following about Murray:

    Yesterday he lost another very good opportunity, in my opinion.  Because winning two sets to one, winning the third set, probably losing a lot chances, and then winning with 7-6 — to win a tournament like this and to play against player like Djokovic, you cannot start the fourth set like this.

It’s the moment to play with more intensity than ever, not start with 3-Love down and two breaks in five minutes.  That way you lose the match.  You want to win the tournament, you cannot start — you can lose — the other can beat you, but you cannot lose in the beginning.

I find this a little strange because this is pretty much what happened to Nadal in the US Open against Djokovic last year. He won the third set and then went 3-0 down in the fourth set. Sometimes Djokovic just plays too well and all of a sudden you find yourself 3-0 down. I don’t think there was much Murray could do in that situation, and neither could Nadal at the US Open. I don’t think Nadal has the answer here himself, so telling Murray how to do it doesn’t make much sense. He has clearly not find the solution to Djokovic himself. I don’t think he will on Sunday either. I don’t care that Djokovic played a marathon semi. I think people make way too much of this issue. Many past slam champions played marathon five set matches in the semis and went on to win the title. And this has happened at the US Open of all places where there is no day of rest between the semis and final.

Djokovic has a day of rest here and he will be physically fine. He was physically fine in the fourth and fifth sets against Murray anyway. This is also the most unlikely surface for Nadal to beat Djokovic on. The rebound ace courts of Melbourne suits Djokovic’s game like a glove. It is not bad for Nadal’s game either, but Nadal has only won in Melbourne once. Other than that he has never even made the semis. A lot of people feel like Nadal could upset Djokovic here. But why? I don’t see any reason to believe Nadal will turn the ownership of Djokovic over him around here. Of course that doesn’t mean that Nadal can’t win, but I find it unlikely to be the case. Djokovic 2.0 is just a very difficult match up for Nadal, just like Nadal is a very bad match up for Roger. This is why it is by far a better scenario that Roger is in Nadal’s half of the draw.

If Roger played Djokovic in the semi-final and won, he would first of all have saved Nadal from his nemesis like he did at the French Open. If he then played Nadal he would have lost with 99% certainty and given Nadal his 11th slam title. Now it doesn’t matter much that he lost to Nadal, because Nadal still has to deal with his nemesis. I have already said that I have made peace with the fact that Nadal owns Roger. It is what it is. Now I can sit back and watch how Nadal deals with his owns demons. The last two slam finals have really given me immense pleasure. I know you prefer that Roger is the one beating Nadal, but it is not happening at this point. That doesn’t mean someone else can’t beat him. It really has been a lot easier dealing with Roger’s defeats to Nadal since Djokovic has started owning Nadal.

It makes all the difference. It makes the whole head-to-head issue a lot less relevant. Not that it ever had much relevance to me, but at least the critics and Nadalfans have to shut their mouths because it is happening to another all time great. Roger never solved Nadal, and if Nadal can never solve Djokovic he won’t be able to equal or beat Roger’s slam record. He would also be remembered for being owned by Djokovic 2.0. In the end the GOAT debate comes down to Roger and Nadal for me. If anyone can beat Roger’s slam record it is Nadal, and it would be nice if Roger can end up being the GOAT of the two. A lot will depend on Djokovic and what happens tomorrow. If he beats Nadal then the ownership increases. On the other hand if Nadal wins tomorrow he will probably go on to win the French Open again and could end up with another 3-slam year.

So it’s important that Djokovic stops him dead in his tracks. Djokovic just has to play his game and I can’t see what Nadal can do to beat him. It is really beautiful to watch. Djokovic’s backhand may be the best ever and it renders Nadal’s moonball forehand impotent. Rather, Djokovic uses his own forehand to break the Nadal backhand down. Nadal can’t end the points either because Djokovic’s defense is so good. He gives Nadal his own medicine which is the most pleasing part of it all. Nadal gets to feel what’s its like for Roger to play against himself. He can hit his very best shot and it comes back with interest. It really is a demoralizing thing. Other than that Djokovic probably has the best return in the game, which makes it hard for Nadal to win free points off his serve and often puts Djokovic on the offense.

Nadal really has nowhere to go, and he gets to feel exactly what it feels like for Roger playing against himself. This is what makes it so satisfying for me. Lets hope the same thing happens tomorrow.


 Djokovic Incident: There was a moment during the Djokoray semi where Djokovic ate something under his towel. I find it funny because it’ so pointless. I mean he surely isn’t gonna take anything illegal onto the court. But why do it in the first place?

Ps. I opened a thread again in the forum if you want to post comments during the match. The chat thread for the Fedal match was busy and there were more people than I expected. I wish I started it earlier because it’s a lot of fun. You can access the thread here. Lets enjoy this final and make sure Djokovic gets the job done!