Abu Dhabi 3rd Place Playoff: Nadal def Federer 6-1, 7-5

Well another pretty convincing defeat for the GOAT. Can we make a better conclusion now? Maybe. But that is a big maybe. We can say that Roger is not looking good at the start of the year as I’m sure many would say now. But it was obvious to me that he just didn’t care much. We are talking about the best grand slams player of all time here. And it kind of make sense that the best grand slam player of all time would be the worst exho player as well. I mean grand slams are what drives Roger. He lives for that big moment. So for me his poor performance in the exhos is a good thing if anything. It shows me that he is leaving his best for the slams. Am I over confident? Maybe. But like I explained in my previous post, I prefer Roger flies under the radar these days. This year he had his worst performances in slams when he was the favorite.

There was much expected of him at the Australian Open and Wimbledon this year, but he put in poor performances. At the French Open and the US Open he went in not looking very confident at all, and he played very well in those slams. So judging by recent times I think Roger actually does better when he is written off. That has been sort of the theme of the latter part of his career. Whereas he liked being the favorite and dominating in his prime, he now likes flying under the radar and surprising people. That is the way I like it too. I know there are some Fedfans out there who still believes or hopes that Roger can dominate tennis again, but to me that is just not very realistic. I also realize there were hopes that he can win two slams and reclaim the number one ranking this year, but I am not focused on those things.

If they happen it is just a bonus for me. But if Roger just wins one slam this year I’d be more than happy. He cannot play at JesusFed level all the time anymore. That is just a fact. So he needs to leave his best for the slams. Therefor I’d rather he doesn’t play that well outside of the slams and bring his best for when it really matters. He just has to play at JesusFed level in one slam, have some luck, and he has number 17 in the bag. Next for Roger is Doha. I don’t really know what to expect but judging from the exho, he probably won’t win it like he did last year. And once again I’m fine with that. I don’t want him to win Doha like this year and then go into Melbourne and basically stink up the place. I’d rather he surprise me. In the final Djokovic destroyed Ferrer 6-2, 6-1 today as I expected.

I think we can tell a bit more from this match. I think Djokovic is looking good and will be hard to stop from winning a third title in Melbourne. It is his favorite slam and he is just very difficult to handle on the slowish hard courts of Melbourne. If Djokovic is the favorite then there is no pressure on Roger either, and he can just play relaxed if he faces Djokovic and possibly cause the upset.

Happy new year everyone!


Abu Dhabi SF: Djokovic def Federer 6-2, 6-1

I couldn’t see much of this match as my stream was too weak, but what I did see was that Djokovic 2.0 and RolexFed showed up. Djokovic was playing at the same level he started off with this year, while Roger obviously couldn’t care less with his Rolex on. I usually don’t even make posts about exhos as far as I can remember, because it’s more like practice than anything else. For me and for Roger anyway. Maybe other players take it more seriously, but I just don’t find it very interesting. I think Roger just wanted to hit some balls in front of a crowd and collect the appearance fee. Djokovic on the other hand was playing seriously. This is his only warm up event before the Australian Open so he kind of have to.I think it was a good decision of him not to play anything else before Melbourne.

After feeling the strain of a long season at the end of this year he needs as much rest as possible and with his taxing game style he needs to schedule smartly if he wants to keep dominating. Roger on the other hand still has Doha ahead and I don’t even think he should take that too seriously. Last year he won it and didn’t play well in Melbourne. I’d rather he goes into Melbourne kind of under the radar and surprise me. That’s what happened this year at the French and US Opens. In the past he was so much better than anyone that he could afford going in as the favorite, but these days I actually believe it is better for him to fly under the radar. People are now gonna draw all kinds of conclusions from this match, but it really doesn’t matter much. OK so Roger wasn’t looking very good out there, but how is he suddenly gonna go from winning three events in a row including the Masters Cup to playing like this?

He obviously doesn’t care about these events. We may be able to tell more from how he plays in Doha, but like I said I don’t care how he does there either. If he makes semis or final I’d be fine with it. I don’t want him going into Melbourne with all these expectations again and then disappointing. I’d rather there be no hype so he can just focus on his game and surprise people. As I said, I think Djokovic looked good. I don’t mind that either because I want Djokovic 2.0 to stick around and stop Nadal from winning more slams. Of course that won’t make it any easier for Roger, but at least Roger has a better chance of beating Djokovic than Nadal has. Talking of Nadal, he also lost easily 6-3, 6-2 to Ferrer today. I doubt he was taking things very seriously either, but I hear he has a problem with his shoulder.

Roger serving with his ‘new’ racquet. Nice colors.

I expect his injuries to get more and more as his career starts winding down. His body has just taken a huge pounding over the years. I don’t know how the shoulder affected his preparation for the season. It’s hard to tell with Nadal too. Sometimes he is injured but then plays very well. You can’t always take him very seriously. It was a good win for Ferrer anyway, who beat Nadal in Melbourne this year. Ferrer also beat Tsonga in the first round, so he is looking good. In the other first round Djokovic beat Monfils. Roger and Nadal was seeded one and two because they were in the final last year I think. Or maybe Djokovic wanted to be seeded third to get the extra match. So in the end the only conclusions I can really draw from this tournament so far is that Djokovic is playing well again and looks to be over his hangover from the first half of the year.

Tomorrow Roger will play against Nadal for the third place playoff while Djokovic will of course play Ferrer. That could tell us a bit more, as I think both Djokovic and Ferrer will play seriously. I expect Djokovic to win though. Then the Fedal match could be a bit more interesting as well as neither of them is looking very into this event. But again, it’s just an exho and therefor to me it’s basically meaningless. Finally I want to say that Djokovic remains my favorite for the first major of the year. The way he was playing today he will once again be very hard to stop in Melbourne. But lets wait until tomorrow. You never know what can happen in the final. I don’t think I’m gonna be doing anything special on new year’s eve so I may make a post again tomorrow. For those of you who are going to be out partying, have fun and be careful. Happy new year!


Merry Fedmas!

As you know I don’t have much of a family in real life and I consider you guys my family. So I want to share Christmas with you. I hope you are all having a blessed Christmas with your loved ones. If you are alone like I am then don’t feel bad. You are part of the Fedfamily here even if you have never left a comment. The new year is uncertain for me but I hope I can continue on this journey with you guys. It’s been a privilege and an awesome ride, and the ride isn’t slowing down much. Roger has a great chance of winning a slam next year. I hope you enjoyed the video. It was made by @RafasKnees, a friend from twitter. I like the fact that it is the top four guys together. These guys are Roger’s main rivals but it’s important to remember that this is just a sport, and that there are much more serious things going on in the world. Merry Fedmas and a happy Fed year! ;-)