2009-A Preview(Part 2)

In this sequel of a 2009 preview of tennis i will concentrate once again on Roger and the other three members of the top four and the four grand slams. But before i continue let me just take a minute to thank everyone who has been reading my blog so far. This has been my first blog and I have enjoyed it a lot  but it wouldn’t be the same without you the reader of course. If ever you feel I could make some improvements feel free to leave me a comment and I will look into it. OK lets get back to business.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the upcoming 2009 tennis season is whether Roger can put 2008 behind him. Of course it wasn’t a bad season by any means but by his standards it was. Winning no grand slams in 2009 would be a complete disaster, but very unlikely in my mind. To get his career back on track in my view he needs to win at least two slams in 2009. If he only wins one slam as in 2008 people will start writing him off. He would still be able to beat Pete’s record in the subsequent years but I’m sure he wants to do it like a the champion that he is and get the job done in 2009. Then he would be 28 years old with enough time to win a few more grand slams and put it beyond any doubt that he is in fact the greatest of all time. And i have no doubt that Roger can do this. If he can win the Australian Open for a fourth time that would be the best start possible to the year, leaving his two favorite slams, the US Open and Wimbledon, of which you feel he would win at least one.

Of course nothing would please me more if Roger can win three grand slams, a feat he has already achieved three times in his prolific career. Dare I mention winning the grand slam itself? Now wouldn’t that be something! For that to happen Roger would of course have to win the Australian first and to win at Roland Garros Nadal would have to be injured or upset by a very special player, because it’s hard to see Roger beating Rafa there. Especially after the beating he received in 2008. However there isn’t much I would put beyond Roger, a little luck here and there and anything could happen. If he wins the Australian and the French he would be in a great position to win all four slams in a calender year. But to get to that point won’t be easy. Roger has not figured out how to beat Rafa on clay, in fact it’s become only harder for him.

Unless Roger makes a drastic change to how he plays Rafa on clay he can forget about beating him at the French, and even then nothing is guaranteed. This is Roger’s achilles heel in tennis, Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros. The way I see it all superheroes have a weakness, and this is Roger’s. With this in mind Roger will still feel confident about the upcoming season I’m sure, ending 2008 on a high with the win at the US Open. Still not convinced Roger is ready for revenge? Look at this picture that was recently taken…

To me there is a certain fire in his eyes that should make any of his opponents tremble in their shoes. It’s a look that says “2008 was a slump, not a decline, I’m here to stay!!!”. Here is another picture that speaks volumes:

The Federer/Nadal rivalry is far from over and I for one can’t wait what will be the next twist in it’s tail. Really what this post comes down to is the Federer/Nadal rivalry. It holds the key to so many unanswered questions, and what it will reveal will become the stuff of legend. They are constantly pushing each other to greater heights and while there is players like Djokovic and Murray who has become serious threats to them, you have to admire how they are still standing squarely in their way. 2009 could easily be another year that belongs to the Swiss genius and the Spanish bull.

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